One Piece: Ship of fools Wiki
  • Most of us remember a blog created by CF on the main wiki
  • Roa commented the idea wont work out
  • But Later changed his mind
  • MJ created the wiki
  • Roa became an admin
  • It started off with a few users
  • Then there were the dark days when all of us abandoned it and the activity feed had 3-5 days old recent activity!
  • Then "some users"(FMF,Youn,BLS,LPK,Panda spare me if I didn't mention ya since I honestly dont remember)
  • Roa took interst in it all of a sudden
  • Roa thought this wiki would be supah dumb since it was very uncategorised
  • Roa just categorised a lot of it(yes it was a pain since I never had a bot)
  • Made the frame work for the elections of Admirals,VAs and Warlords...but only 4-5 actually took interst
  • Felt proud of what I've done and forgot about the wiki when it was like 100-130 pages
  • Came back after 2 weeks(Though I was on the OP wiki everyday ...I just never thought of coming over here)...REAL SURPRISE..Found nearly 300 pages and A LOT of new users(Inf,TMJ to name a few)
  • Felt supah awesome to help out the site!
  • It all started with the idea of moving the prediction blogs on OP wiki as pages to this wikia
  • I got it spotlighted and increased the Google ratings myself...boasting but it's true
  • Marine Election
  • Yonkou Election
  • Shichibukai Election
  • 2nd Yonkou Election
  • Another Marine Election