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About us

Nice to meat you, Newbie!

We are fellow One Piece fans who strive for more of Oda's wonderful work but while we wait for him as he continues his hard work, we must do something else to ease our boredom. One of those ways, instead of committing crimes, is fan-fiction!

And this is one of those places to do so! But even though we are pirates who make new pages which makes it harder for our Marines (those who maintain this wiki), we still have at least follow the basic rules in this wiki. Other than that, go crazy and give me meat while you are at it. Well, where's my MEAT?!!!

For further information, please read below or else we tell Nami where you live. I'm sure you want to keep your money so you can buy One Piece related products to support the series so Oda can continue to make chapters for ONE PIECE FOREVER!!!!!!!! WHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAA...........

Too late, she stole all your stuff except the clothes on your back and your computer while you are reading this page.Oh well, that's life! Want some Cake?!


But I'll tell you what's not a lie! The comment question of the day by BLAM! and the guidelines to this wiki which you can read BELOW!

What to do?

OMG! OMG! Don't panic! I'll tell you exactly what to do! Go rob that bank of all of its gold and get me a large smoothie with nachos on the side and....Just kidding...not..

What can yo do in this wiki? Well...

1) Make a new page

What kind of pages, you asked?

  • Make a Devil Fruit (Invent your original power)
  • Make a new island or city (Las Vegas, Baby!)

2) Acquire new nakama!

  • Meet new people and exchange ideas (Go to chat on the rightside of the page to meet your fellow One Piece fans)
  • Comment on other user's pages! Get feedback on yours too!
  • Create Fan-fictions!!! (Stories about your own characters or collbratew with other users in this wiki)