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Position User World Government Counterpart Total Reward
Gorosei/Founder Marcus Junior (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Gorosei FoolishMortalFOOL (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif50,000,000
Gorosei 1NF3RNO (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif3,038,000,000
Gorosei Generalzer0 (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif1,200,000,000
Gorosei Wyvern 0m3g4 (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif 60,000,000
Gorosei Kai-De-Avalon (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif 2,830,000,000
Gorosei LuffyPirateKing (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Gorosei Pandawarrior (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Gorosei Roranoa Zoro (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Commander in Chief Kong Bsymbol.gif
Position User Marine Counterpart Total Reward
Fleet Admiral 13th madman (Talk) Sengoku Bsymbol.gif -
Admiral Rukiryo (Talk) Aokiji Bsymbol.gif 5,168,000,000
Admiral Zeon1 (Talk) Akainu Bsymbol.gif 900,000,000
Admiral Lvdoomien(Talk) Fujitora
Vice Admiral Powerhouse411 (Talk) Doberman Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Tashigi Bsymbol.gif
Vice Admiral Carabe197 (Talk) Jonathan Bsymbol.gif 50,000,000
Vice Admiral LordNoodleXIV (Talk) John Giant Bsymbol.gif 200,000,000
Vice Admiral Onigumo Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Smoker Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Vergo Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Tsuru Bsymbol.gif -