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So what are your characters? Male or Female? Pirate, Marine? Human, Giant, Fishmen, Merfolk? Swordman or Marksman? Captain or 1st Mate? Do you know yet?

If you do know, add those categories to your pages to make them more accessible to the rest of the wiki!

Property Bar

Please visit the Property Bar page to learn how to use and input Property Bars.

Grammar and Spelling Police

Sou youu hadu haurd tome reuding thus? If so, then you probably want to correct horrible sentences like the first one of this paragraph? But maybe, you want to do some more corrections! But to find them?.....You're in luck! In this wiki, many users occasionally or frequently have grammar and/or spelling mistakes and boy! In case we want everyone to understand what their pages are saying, we got...drumroll........THE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING POLICE!!!! They came here to save the day from confusion! By fixing those errors!

BTW, if you, a user, don't mind if someone fix your grammar pages, then paste this template to your userpage. Otherwise, we would be confused by your typing for all of enternity!

Yo! I don't mind at all if any user to fix my grammar and/or spelling mistake! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!