Shiro Kain

  • Shiro Pre Timeskip
  • Shiro Post Timeskip
Age:20 (pre time skip) 22 (post time-skip)
Blood type:?
Birthdate:24th december
Height:171 cm
Island of Origin:kumo island

Kaze pirates

Family: Yuni Kain (sister)

Bounty:first bounty:100,000,000 challenging the world goverment by destroying a whole marine base

second bounty:300,000,000 defeating commodore smokere AND crocodile after the marineford war

third bounty:400,000,000 declaring war against the world government by saying he'll fight everybody that gets in the way

fourth bounty:600,000,000 fighting nova blade and almost destrying a whole island and temporarely joining the supreme pirates in fight against nova blade,marcus soarian,subarashii and guddo rakku

fifth bounty:?????? beating akainu and joining the god pirates

Dream:to be able to fight the strongest people in the world


Shiro is a young man of average height with pointy white hair blue eyes wears a light blue open t-shirt that reveals his muscular body and wears dark blue pants.


Shiro is a very cheerful person but very impulsive. Examples are:jumping of a cliff just to see how deep it is, etc. He easily makes friends with pirates and marines alike. He cares a lot for his friends and will protect them at all costs. But mostly he's calm and serious.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Shiro is a powerful fighter and has no fighting style he usually makes up his own moves in the middle of a fight. He gets stronger at every fight and improves rapidly. He posseses super human strength and speed so fast that he appears to have clones and he's strong enough to stop a punch of a giant. He has mastered all three forms of haki.After training with the god pirates he can take on even stronger foes.

Devil FruitEdit

Kuki kuki no mi He ate the Kuki Kuki no Mi whch transforms him into air which makes him intangible to non-haki users. He is quite proficient at using the fruit. His devil fruit can be used to create air projectiles and fists out of air.


1503 AOPeEdit

Major BattlesEdit