Silicon Silicon no Mi

Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name: Silicon Silicon Fruit
Meaning: Silicon
Type: Logia
Power: To form, make, or become Silicon
Eaten By: To be announced....
Story / Creator: GZero945


The Silicon Silicon no Mi is a devil fruit that allows the user to make, form, or become Silicon. The fruit was eaten by Literelle when he stowed away on a pirate ship, to get away from home.


The Silicon Silicon Fruit looks like a dark green banana with a black inside.


The Silicon Silicon has a variety of uses. It allows the user to form Silicon weapons or armor on any part of their body. They can also make silicon from the ground, using it to their advantage in either imprisoning them, or ambush them with traps. The person can also become Silicon, when losing a limb, they can reform it, or make another silicon clone.


The Silicon Silicon fruit has the standard Logia invunerability. Since Silicon is the earth's second most abundant element, the user can basically get Silicon out of nowhere. It's a semi conductor to heat, being more effective when at full Silicon state.


This fruit suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Also, it's semiconductive properties can be used against the user if they are not in their full Silicon state.


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