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"Big Bro" Marcus to Akula Taizan
Akuma to Archie
Arctic D. Fox to Battle on wonder island. The four legged pirates.
Batto Batto no Mi to Borguson Chapter 1
Bori Cump to Chapter 16 (One Piece Hunters)
Chapter 17 (One Piece Hunters) to Common
Concealed Pirates to Death D. Asurha/Abiliteis and Powers
Death D. Asurha/Abilities and Powers to Dr. Mundo
Dr. Nanbu to Enjeru Enjeru no Mi
Enka Enka no Mi to Fringe
Frog to Godai Ryuu Fruit
Gode Hensikter to Gungnir
Gunsha Gunsha No Mi to Heiwaai
Heka Heka no Mi to Hoki Hoki no Mi
Hoko Hoko no Mi to Inu Inu no Mi, Model : Wolf of Gubbio
Inu Inu no Mi, model: Teumessian fox to Jimmy Cyclone
Jimmy Handlock to Kakko Kakko no Mi
Kako Kako no Mi to Kesshō Kesshō no Mi
Kesu Kesu no Mi to Kuiiru
Kuike Kuike no mi to Leo/Abilities and Powers
Leo/History to Mai/Personality and Relationships
Maihime no Ken to Metamorphisis
Metamorphosis to Mummy Whip Style
Mummy Whip Style/Snake Charmer Style to Nendo Nendo no Mi/Art Style: Kinetic Techniques
Nendo Nendo no Mi/Art Style: Mainstream Techniques to Omou Omou no Mi
Ona Ona no Mi to Padrino Part 20
Padrino Part 21 to Pōto Pōto no Mi
Qi Qi no Mi to Rijekuto Rijekuto No Mi
Rijekuto Rijekuto no Mi to S.A.U.L Project Final!
S.O.U.L. to Scott.D.Rio/Misc.
Scott.D.Rio/Personality and Relationships to Shells; Chapter 7
Shells; Chapter 8 to Sihaya
Silas Cocytus to Stephen Vegapunk
Steppens D.Storm to Tamashī Tamashī no Mi/Death Mode Techs
Tamashī Tamashī no Mi/Over Soul Techs. to The Bro Pirates
The Bucket Hat Pirates to The Quest Giver
The Race of Revenant to Toguru Toguru no Mi
Tohi Tohi no Mi to Tērā Tērā no Mi
Tōei Tōei no Mi to Vulliamy The Clock King
Yasha/Abilities and Powers to Zhuhong
Zhukov to 月期首
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