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Subarashii is the Swordsman/Captain/Musician of Jester Pirates.


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Age: 16(pretimeskip)18(posttimeskip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: DQ
Birthdate: 4th July
Height: 1,85 cm
Weight : 81kg
Island of Origin: Flashy Island,South Blue
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: Jester
Crew: (Bonney Pirates),Jester Pirates
Position :Swordsman/musician
Family: Carny Family
Bounty: 88,888,000
Dream :To be known as the undefeated.Not even the pirate king can defeat

Subarashii is a young man from the South Blue. He was raised on Flashy Island. It is unknown where was born. Unknowing to anybody else he is related to someone really big in the One Piece world. People call him The Jester.


Combed-back green hair. With a sinister smile and sleepy eyes. He have very fair almost albino like skin. He is always wearing suits, mainly in dark colours like purple and an almost swamp like dark green. When he was younger, he dresses up like a mime, striped black and white t-shirt with black pants but without make-up. After the time skip he grew his hair longer and made them into dreadlocks.