Teiku Teiku no Mi

Take Take Fruit
Japanese Name:


English Name: Take Take Fruit
Meaning: To Take Properties
Type: paramecia
Power: To absorb the properties of surround objects and elements
Eaten By: Vice Admiral Fusoshiro Yamai
Story / Creator: UndeadHero

The Teiku Teiku no Mi is a powerful fruit, enabling one the ability to take properties of other materials. It was eaten by Vice Admiral Fusoshiro Yamai and can only be found in Alabasta, though legends say that this fruit only grews one bulb every one hundred years and does not spoil. It could be possible that Portgas found it while searching thriugh ruins. It was eaten by Bastogne DiGolum.


The physical appearance of the Take Take Fruit is a green, pearish shape with a long green stem and yellow blotches on the side, it is said that the number of blothes tell what generation it is, the one that Yamai ate had three. So it would have been ripened on the 300th Year,


It is able to take the properties of any element, material, or substance known to man and use it as an armor, a strength enhancer, or an alchemic booster. As used by Yamai, he can use it to summon Metal Spikes if he is covered in metal, wood if it's wood armor or glass shatters if it's glass.


It makes the user stronger than average men, also giving some users invincibility if mixed with the right substances. Though the armoring can be broken, it can also be rebuilt by merely touching the surrounding material or mixing it with other substances.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses


  • The inspiration for this fruit is from Kevin Eleven from Ben 10