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Tera Tera no Mi
Tera tera no mi.jpg
Japanese Name: テラテラ
English Name: N/A
Meaning: Sight of Terracotta Warriors
First Appearance: Fanon
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Sechs Arme

The Tera Tera no Mi (テラテラ) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit in which the user is able to produce and manipulate Sticky Tera Liquid, yet to be understood by scientist. Tera short for “Terracotta”, meaning “Sight of Terracotta Warriors”.


The user has the ability to produce a dark brown sticky liquid from their pores and body, much like sweat and such. This reacts with the oxygen within the arm and hardens whenever it exits the body. Becoming a strong armor for the user, however by putting haki into it can become stronger. The user is able to wear this armor and use it as a weapon, such as producing a sword in which the user can fight with. The user also has shown to have the ability to in coat others with these substances, to trap them. A technique very similar to Mr.3’s own doru doru no mi abilities.


However whenever this liquid dries, it is almost indestructible. But if it is hit with haki, it would break like any other Devil Fruit not wrong against this. Other than this the user will suffer the standard weakness of the Devil Fruit.