Demonblade head

The Demonblades Jolly Roger

  A Crew said to be on equal terms with the Four Emporers. The crew spans of around 120 people each with a bounty on their heads. Out of the 7 most known crew members 

the lowest bounty is 276 million berries. Their captains head is worth 645 million berries. They came from south blue and 6 years after the death of Gol D. Roger made it to the New World where they set up base on A small island that moves its location every now and then.


Captain/Hunter: "Black Lightning" Shin

Doctor: "Mummy" Eso Faggus

1st Mate: "Demon Of Demons" Shawil Kono

Sniper: "Blind Shot" Garth

Swordsman: "Little Sword" Sevin Loze

Shipwright: "Million Tools" Darla 

"Heavy Hammer" Wistoick


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