The Ghost has no known name. His true identity is unknown. He functions as a bounty hunter on Rykers Island. However, the government does not know he exists, and he does not deliver pirates to them. Instead, he finds their bounties, and punishes them according to their crimes.



The only known picture of The Ghost

An average sized man whose signature grey cloak hides his body and face. He wears black and grey to conceal himself in the shadows. He has a bandolier over his right shoulder as well as a belt. He wears fingerless gloves and a pair of gauntlets.


The Ghost is extremely secretive, and will not often talk to anyone unless he has to. he is cold and calculating, always trying to find weaknesses in others. He is driven by a desire to protect his island from pirates, because it has been a hideout for many pirate gangs over the years. He sees himself as the only hope for an island that has otherwise given up hope.

Abilities and powersEdit

Physical PowersEdit

He uses a combination of street fighting and martial arts to attack his oppnents. He is a trained marksman who is very competent with a revolver, ans well as other small firearms. He has trained to be able to use his cape a a weapon.


He carries two large revolvers that can shoot different types of ammunition. One is stored on a shoulder strap, the other on a holster.

Both his belt and his bandolier carry ammuniton for his revolvers.

His armored guantlets are made out a strong metal alloy that redistributes kinetic energy evenly across the surface. This allows The Ghost to block attacks that would otherwise destroy them. Each guantlet also has a small spike on its side that can be used for attacking.

His cape is reinforced with kevlar and has small weights sewn in on its bottom. These weights allow The Ghost to fling his cape at targets. It can be used to distract an opponent, or wrap around them. His cape offers slight protection against bullets and is fireproof.

He carries normal 50 caliber bullets for his pistols, as well as explosive rounds, incendiary, and seastone bullets. The seastone bullets can be used against logia type enemies, but it will not kill them, it would only hurt them.

He also carries a gas mask to protect himself agaisnt his own powers.

Devil FruitsEdit

The Ghost has eaten the Gas Gas Fruit. It is a paramecia type fruit that allows him to shoot different types of gas out of his body. He can form many different types of gas, such as tear gas, fog, methane gas, and others. He uses this power to dissapear in a cloud of gas, which earned him the title "The Ghost".


The ghost does not have any recorded Haki.


Much of his past is a mystery, and he does not seem to have any close friends.


Born on Rykers Island, The Ghost grew up in it's most crime filled part, Alcatraz Town. Ruled by Pirate gangs, Alcatraz town is one of the seediest cities in the Grand Line. He grew up on the streets, having never known his family. He was informally adopted by a gang known as the "Stripes". The stripes gang was a group of local troublemakers, but had commited few actual crimes.

He grew up in the gang, learning how to live on the streets as well as how to fight. However, after a pirate crew called Press gang came to town, a fight broke out amoungst the pirates and the Stripes. The Stripes gang was wiped out, with The Ghost being the only survivor. The pirates went on to become a dominant gang in the city, controlling a large portion of Rykers Island.

Swearing revenge, The Ghost snuck into their hideout with a pair of revolvers. He created a distraction by lighting a nearby warehouse on fire. UInside, he confronted the Press Gang leader. Althoguh brave, he was not very skilled, and in the firefight, he was shot in his leg. Attempting to flee, he ran into the treasure room, where he found the Gas Gas fruit. hearing the legends of the Devil Fruits, he ate it, and used his new power to create a smokescreen and fled.

Having learned his lesson about being prepared, he spent many months training his new powers and aquiring equipment to fight the Press Gang. The Press gang went out to the Docks of Alcatraz Town to purchase a weapons shipment form an arms deal. The Cape Snuck aboard and attacked the crew. Later that, he set the ship on fire. . As the people watched, the large galleon lit up the night in a huge inferno of flame. It crashed into the docks and a mysterious figure disappeared into the fog. The crew was never found. This was the first public sighting of the man who would come to nkown as The Ghost.

The Ghost has now vowed to fight back agaisnt the pirate gangs controllnig the island, doing whatever it takes to reclaim his city.


Just try and run, it makes this better for me!

You will pay for your crimes.

You cant kill a ghost.


Rykers island is named after the real life Rikers island in New York.

Alcatraz Town Is named after the real life Island In San Francisco.

The Press Gang Is a play on words. In pirate terms, to pressgang someone is to force them to become a pirate, or possibly join the navy, like what happened to coby.

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