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Actions and Locations Visited
Hakuri Pirates
Hakuri new jolly roger.jpg
Japanese Name: ハクの里の海賊
Romanized Name: Hakuri no Pairetsu
English Name: Detachment Pirates
Main Ship: Mother Hakuri
First Appearance: ????
Captain: Demetrius D. Xavier
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10.gifNot Yet Revealed

The Hakuri Pirates (ハクリの海賊団, Hakuri no Kaizokudan) is a fairly large recently formed crew, which is captained by Demetrius D. Xavier and is made up of many unique members. This crew of 16 Divisions much like the Whitebeard Pirates, the crew is vastly made up of The Hakuri Children which Demetrius has created. To insure loyalty to him, there are also many others who have come wanting to join Demetrius freely or have been “cursed” by him to come into service with him. Their full bounty has not revealed yet, due to the fact that the crew is still mysterious only a few members have been seen yet. They all reside on the giant Island Ship, Mother Hakuri preparing for something. A raising threat the world, for this is not an ordinary pirate crew compared to the likes of the Whitebeard crew or any other pirate creates.


Although Demetrius is known throughout far and wide, as one the most mysterious figures in the world. Only starting to create the chaos that he wishes, as his own powers are grow and his influence. He seems to be after something and going so far as forming a new crew for him to use. The crew itself is a unique bunch it is a mix of the Hakuri Children, ones that Demetrius has defeated, cursed and forced them into his service. Which most pirate crews, their captains and the world government detest very much.

Jolly Roger

The jolly roger of the Hakuri pirates is rather a more unusual one compared to the stereotypical skull and cross bones. Their main roger is an extremely skinny Buddha, which is believed to be in Nirvana and is "detached" from the world. It is a black and white, skeleton like Buddha. With cloths around it and if one would notice that it is sitting on a Japanese lotus that is said to be what god sits on. Demetrius thinking himself as god thinks of his crew as the throne that he sits on. Which many ask why he would think such a thing.


The Hakuri Pirates
Demetrius wanted.png
Demetrius D. Xavier
Stephen wanted.png Tousen wanted.png Nanbu wanted.png Soyokaze wanted.png
Stephen D. Oscura Tousen D. Xavier Dr. Nanbu Soyokaze
Ranshi, tanshi wanted.png Vincent wanted.png Shirohime wanted.png Gekai wanted.png
Ranshi & Tanshi Vincent de Títere Shirohime Gekai
Ivory wanted.png Takashi wanted.png Aaron wanted.png Lady Amarantha wanted.png
Ivory Takashi Aaron de Bella Lady Amarantha
Mother Hakuri Full Ship.jpg
Mother Hakuri

Mother Four Guardians

Mother's Four Guardians
Akitama wanted.png Fuyutama wanted.png Koshitama wanted.png Natsutama wanted.png
Akitama Fuyutama Koshitama Natsutama

Crew Strength




Epithet Bounty
Demetrius D. Xavier
  • God of all Heaven, Hell and Earth (天国地球と地獄の神, Tengoku Chikyū to Jigoku no Kami?)
Bsymbol.gif650 ,000,000

Stephen D. Oscura

  • First Mate
  • Commanding Officer
  • Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Demon King
  • Haki
  • Genius
  • Poison User
  • The Demonic Philosopher (悪魔哲学者 Mazoku no Tetsugakusha?)
  • The Messenger of The Divine (神使 Jinshi)

Tousen D. Xavier

  • Second Mate


  • Navigator
  • Strategist
  • Wind Sorceress (風の巫, Kaze no Miko ?)

Aaron de Bella

  • Thief
  • Hakuri Child
  • Grandmaster Thief
  • Haki
  • Master Steath
  • Great Fighter
  • God's Thief (神の泥棒, Kami no Dorobō ?)


  • Primary Swordsmen
  • Hakuri Child
  • Master Assassin
  • Master Scythesmen
  • Haki
  • Masochist
  • Scythe User

Vincent de Títere

  • Inventor
  • Blacksmith
  • Marksmen
  • Puppeteer
  • The Detached Puppet Master (分傀儡使い Bunkugutsu no Tsukai ?)


  • Spy
  • Shipwriter
  • Information Broker
  • God's Eye (神の目, Kami no Me)

Ranshi & Tanshi

  • Fighters
  • Demetrius's Destructive Beasts (デメトリウスの兦獣 Demetoriusu no Bōjū)


  • Secondary Assassin
  • Bodyguard
  • God's Everlasting Love (神の永遠の愛)


  • Unknown
  • Hakuri Child
  • Haki
  • Nothingness
  • Grandmaster Steath
  • White Witch Carft
  • The White Princess(白姫 Shirohime)
  • The White Witch (白い魔女 Shiroi Majo)

Lady Amarantha

  • Head Security Officer
  • Commanding Officer


  • Security
  • Guardian Child of The Autumn (秋の保護子)
  • Guardian Child of The North (北の保護子)
  • Security
  • Giant
  • Imense Strength
  • Imense Speed
  • Haki
  • Increased Senses
  • Guardian Child of The Winter(冬の保護子)
  • Guardian Child of The South (南の保護子)


  • Security
  • Koshitama’s Devil Fruit
  • Massive Size
  • Tremendous Strength
  • Tremendous Speed
  • Guardian Child of The Spring (春の保護子)
  • Guardian Child of The West (西の保護子)
  • Security
  • Hakuri Child
  • Haki
  • Master Fighter
  • Imense Speed
  • Imense Strength
  • Disturbing Appearance
  • Scythe User
  • Guardian Child of The Summer (夏の保護子)
  • Guardian Child of The East (東の保護子)