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Pirate Crew Name
Tally-Ho Pirates.jpg
Main Ship:
Captain: Basil Trubshaw
Total Bounty: Bsymbol.gif????????????


The Tally-Ho Privateers are a band of pirates currently sailing on the grand line. The crew is notable for being composed primarily of former Nobles of The Kingdom of Britannia, and as such they have a reputation for being extremely formal, even in the heat of a battle.

Jolly Roger

Crew Members

Name Position Powers and abilities
Basil Trubshaw Captain Master Swordsman
John M Winstanely Navigator/2nd mate Shaffuru Shaffuru no Mi, haki usage, swordfighting
Elizabeth Crumpet 1st mate

Master Scythe Wielder

Master of Self Defence

Abigail Evans Chef/Maid Dual Pistol Wielder
Poppy Mason Musician
Robbert Borden Shipwright Gifted Engineer
Nigel Cox Doctor

Blessed Medic

Esmerelda Hawkins Librarian Knowledge of the Grandline and world in general

Crew Strength


Relationships amongst the Crew


Allies and Traveling Companions


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Crimes/Events commited


  • The Tally-Ho Privateers, as their name implies, have a lot of imagery based around stereotypical English gentry (To the extent that even their Jolly Roger bears some resemblance to the union Jack).

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