Tiago Sambol is the musician of the Devil Pirates.

Tiago Sambol

Age: 35
Species: Human
Blood type: B-
Birthdate: 24.03.
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 80kg
Island of Origin: Isla Todos Santos
Occupation: Pirate, Musician
Epithet: The Man in Black, some people also call him Harmonica
Crew: The Devil Pirates
Position: Musician
Family: none
Bounty: 95 million beli
Dream: unknown


He's of average weight and height, quite tanned, and has relatively long black unkempt shaggy hair to his shoulders, that often falls in front of his grey eyes. His clothing is almost entirely black, black half-boots a black jeans and a black jacket over a white shirt. On his right boot he has a silver spur. He's never seen without his guitar case, that has the Jolly Roger of the Devil Pirates painted on one side, and his harmonica, which hangs from his neck via a black leather cord.


He is very flirtatious around women, and relatively laid back and quiet around men.

Abilities and powersEdit


Tiago is a very skilled and experienced musician who always carries two instruments on him. A silver harmonica that is tied around his neck and an acoustic guitar that he keeps in a black guitar case that he either carries around or keeps strapped to his back. One of his epithets, Harmonica, comes from him playing the harmonica, often during a fight.

Physical PowersEdit

He is stronger than one would think considering his lean build. He possesses superhuman strength and endurance.


Tiago fights using two weapons: In his right hand he uses a heavy machete, he uses to chop his opponents with and in his left hand he uses a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun, to fire destructive close distance bulletstorms at his opponents. He carries both these weapons on him at all times, his machete strapped horizontally to his back and his shotgun strapped horizontally over his crotch.
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He is relatively skilled in Kenbunshuko and Busoshuko Haki, but not perfect.

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