13th madman

aka jQuery18208907318166457117_1353180931280

Bureaucrat Admin
  • Don't force me to intervene!
  • just sparring with my bros...
  • Allright! now I'm SERIOUS!
I'm the guy running this ship!

Devil Fruit Comitee Head
  • If there's a problem, We'll solve it.
I'm Rob Lucci, the guy who deals with Devil fruit!

I was one of the winners of the last Warlord election!
Madhat 1 copy

initial incarnation of my awesome hat!

There isn't that much to be said here that isn't better found out by asking around. I'm the Disorderely gentleman in the purple top hat. and that, I think, says it all.

I'm also on deviant art,sort of. the formatting trouble with my stories got annoying, so most of them are docs floating around, and a few should be listed below to get them easily. Ask about the others if interested...

13th Chibi

Yep, I even look cool Chibified!

Kh fanfictionEdit

Chapter 1 (Warning, Spoilers for ending of 358 Days. Alternate timeline focusing mainly on Roxas and Axel. also Namine and Xion)

chapter 2  (focussing on Axel and Rikku.)

chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

My favorite pagesEdit

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