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Hello. I’m Carabe197, also know as Cara, Mr. 2 Bon Clay aka Bentham, Mr. Un, Deux or Bon-chan (sometimes Cara Cadalso Mell or Cara Mcbungha). I’m true believer of Okama Way and proof of that taste my years of training results: OKAMA KENPO!!!!!!!!!


Mad Mask

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Okama way

Okama way, the only way


Bon Clay sacrifice

Yūjō no namae

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13th Person


Cara the Crayon

Cara "The Crayon".

Target Trio and others

Hanged Man Journey

The Hanged Man Journey is Carabe197 drawn Interactive blog "comic" about 12th madman's mystery ridden adventure inside enigmatic tower.

Maniac Chama

The Maniac Chama is Carabe197 drawn Interactive blog "comic" about Ship Of Fools Users.

SOF Shorts

THe SOF Shorts is blog with short comic strip about resident users random moments.

SOF Christmas Calendars

Various Christmas Calender's I drew of the SOF users.

Christmas calendar

The Christmas Calendar Trilogy, trio of comics centering around Christmas misadventures of Marcus Junior and Wyvern 0m3g4 with one of the terrifying trio: 13th Madman, 1NF3RN0 and FoolishMortalFOOL.

The House Invasion is Christmas calendar following what evil schemes PowerHouse has cooked up for the whole wiki. Done in SOF Shorts style, completing some set up plots in SOF's Christmas Calendar Adventure 1 and SOF Shorts Mini-Arc 1.

The Cleaners is Christmas calendar following our usual heroes trying to have a normal Christmas when the unknown forces hatch their mad plots.

Fay Fetch is Christmas calendar our heroes tie up loose end by going after Wovenheimer, whoo has been vowing revenge on Wyvern 0m3g4.

Acquired Corona Dice Cadets

The Acquired Corona Dice Cadets is Interactive blog "comic" that I draw. Story centers around superpower users.

Sanguine Ocean Frenzy

The Sanguine Ocean Frenzy is blog comic.



Illusion Pirates

Golden Eye Pirates

Feminist Pirates

*Hazumus "Friends"

  • Hina Kozono
  • Chikan


Idler Pirates

Rusty Ring Pirates

Okama Pirates

Ragnarok Pirates

  • Jigard Sigtyr
  • Edward Wingspan
  • Iris Galeot
  • Lucas Blix
  • Mira Dingbat
  • Alice Slathers
  • Jaden Merckx (Ōtaki Ronusay in disguise).
  • Nigellus Shelby
  • Geraldine Sangster
  • Jill Chaspman
  • Orval Foss
  • Shad Draker
  • Fay Boniface
  • Frona Lyon
  • Ralf Griffin
  • Jerrard Taylor
  • Zachariah Cobbler
  • Xavior Merricks
  • Ingram Woodward
  • Terry and Andie Bones
  • Nic Fletcher

Four Saint Monkey Sages

Iceberg Pirates

Mafia Pirates


  • Edgar Nemo
  • Kagayaku Eiko
  • Kyoi Nakatsu (Former)
  • Luca Arruinar
  • Cara Mcbungha
  • Rofu-chan
  • Samuel Nulfslek
  • Olznov
  • Molpak (Disappeared, Deceased)
  • Psycobad (Oryx Cafard in disguise)
  • Ryuryu (Deceased)
  • Fake Drake
  • Seelen Vogel (Deceased)
  • Acoll Razar (Deceased)
  • Monet la Buru
  • Spatz
  • Oxido Julio
  • Maquilla (Disappeared, Deceased)
  • Hormiro (Disappeared, Deceased)
  • Bohóc (Disappeared, Deceased)
  • "Pesky" Ranchy
  • Biene Froissé (Disappeared, Deceased)
  • Hummel Froissé
  • Cannelle



Weapons and Equipments


Pirate Crews

Other Groups

Devil Fuits





Other Things