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Scrathmen mug.JPG
Japanese Name: 風影二十一
Romanized Name: Kaze no Kage Nijuichi
English Name: Kazekage21
First Appearance: Dolf the Scratchmen's Tyranny
Affiliations: Himself
Scratchmen Pirates
Ship of Fools
Sea of Fools
Cheesecake Kingdom (Former)
Occupations: Many Things
Epithet: Dolf the Scratchmen (ドフスクラッチメン, Dofu no Sukuracchimen?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 17
Birthday: October 1st
Height: 5 Ft. 10 In.
Bounty: Bsymbol10.gif You Have No Idea
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Higa Higa no Mi
English Name: Villain-Villain Fruit
Meaning: Villain
Type: Paramecia

Kazekage21 (風影二十一,Kaze no Kage Nijuichi) is an active user of the Ship of Fools and a member of the Sea of Fools, terrified throughout the seas as one of the Shichibukai as the best villain creator. Better known as Dolf the Scratchmen (ドフスクラッチメン, Dofu no Sukuracchimen?), through the seas and currently is the captain of the Scratchmen Pirates and the god of all okamas. Kaze also has made a huge impact on the Ship fools as one of its most craziest and randomest user of all time. Originally Kaze himself was a user of the crappy Bleach Fanon before, but after a few "events" had happened he packed up and came to the SOF and loved the choice that he had made.

His first creations that he unleash into the world was Dokugata and Kojirō Uesugi, also a few others than started him off as one of the SOF users. However after a few battles the marines, he had failed in his creations and methods. After being put into Impel Down level 5.5 he had completely changed himself around and became a very close friend with Hell himself. Most of the time Kaze is seen hopin and bopin around the wiki. Between the Ship of Fools in which he calls his main home and the Sea of Fools as his secondary home. Loving all of the things about One Piece and Anime in general, he had grown a great influence and what he addresses as a following he had with all of his creations from the most randomest and to the most serious.

Being the insane Okama that he is, Kaze had also began to do several collaboration and other projects with several user of the SOF. Also lending a helping hand to anyone who needed help with a character, devil fruit and other things that he is more that happy to help with. However like a pirate and the insane okama that he is, he has earn himself a bounty be on what any human could understand for crimes as, done against the marines. Such as pulling his classic okama tricks on them, dressing countless users up as okamas and unleashing his okamas into the wiki to create chaos and all that fun stuff.

Stuffing things in the Marine's and others boxers and pants, slapping others with a dead fish. Plotting against the cheesecake kingdom and taking over it, then becoming a cheesecake tyrant. Giving his kingdom up and handing it over the Saiyans, flying around on his broomstick and dropping buckets of fondue on random people below. Some of Kaze's most famous crimes can include, the creation of villain type characters and unleashing them into the world. Being mean to random old ladies, causing mischief in the chat and with the marines. Fusing with Krolowa, to become Krolaze reeking havoc and more mischief in the SOF. Teaming up with Jakyou, to do a series of crimes that include, the creation of many evil devil fruits, the creation of Agathoclia and aiding him in the creation of an anti-Static. Then teaming up with Foxy, to unleash Gensis D.Necros in to the world, aiding him in creating other devil fruits as well. Teaming up with Zoro-sama in helping form the Mafia pirates, then allying himself with Bon-chan to plot a massive take over the Okama world and in which we both shall rule. With this Kaze sets out with his devil fruit the Higa Higa no Mi, to do what he pleases.


Kaze's Appearance.

The Scratchmen is a fairly tall and lean muscular fellow, most of the time he is seen in one form. He has a short brown hair crew cut, going up to the crown of his head, he has a long braid similiar to Scratchmen Appo with purple beads in his braid. Kaze wears a red tangzhuang style jacket, however with every button he has a set of pearls running across each button connecting the two sides together. On his tangzhuang he has his crew's and personal Jolly Roger a lotus view top with three different levels. The inner being black, the middle being red and the last being white. He also wears several strings of beads, a string of jade, pearls and a set of beads similiar to Mala beads. His signature items is his pink feathery coat, very similiar to his idol's own. He also wears a pair of sunglasses similiar to Doflamingo and a pair of headphones, with a pair of earrings. On his wrists he has beaded bracelets, on each of his fingers are sets of different colored gem stones. However on his right index finger he has a strange fish ring, which he wears for an unknown purpose. Finishing off his outfit, he wears a dark green sash around his waist, a pair of black pants that come down above his ankles and a pair of black heeled shoes.

Who am I?


I am the Shichibukai Warlord, Doflamingo for being the Best Villain Creator on this wiki!!


I am the Supernova, Scratchmen Apoo! Craziest user on this wiki!!


I'm the Frieza of the Ship of Fools! Bow to me!