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Introduction Edit

This is Tommy D. here, I'm 22 I'm from the USA and I'm the author of Shells, the fan fiction I'm currently working on, and multiple short stories and side projects since I'm terrible at focusing on a single work. If you wanna read it you can, however at this moment this iteration of Shells is defunct due to my own personal desire to completely rework my story into its own unique universe. If I ever get around to writing any of it I promise I will share it here. Furthermore I'm a figure of authority on this site, but unfortunately have a bad habit of being inactive for stretches of time. If you have any suggestions, tips, comments, advices, constructive criticisms, negative criticisms, or anything of the manner concerning your work here, someone else's work, another user, or anything you'd need to ask a higher-up about please direct it to my talk page. Thank you for reading this, so now for a never ending Intermission. Please enjoy the music. *Showtunes start playing FOREVER*

Shells Edit

Here are all the chapters in order, in case you don't feel like typing in the names.


Shells; Chapter 1

Gattle Arc

Shells; Chapter 2

Shells; Chapter 3

Shells; Chapter 4

Shells; Chapter 5

Koko Islands Arc

Shells; Chapter 6

Shells; Chapter 7

Shells; Chapter 8

Shells; Chapter 9

Shells; Chapter 10

Shells; Chapter 11

Shells: Chapter 12

Nova Arc

Shells: Chapter 13

Shells: Chapter 14

Shells: Chapter 15

Bounty Hunter Arc

Shells: Chapter 16

Shells: Chapter 17

Shells: Chapter 18

Shells: Chapter 19

Spiderweb Arc

Shells: Chapter 20

Shells: Chapter 21

Shells: Chapter 22

Shells; Chapter 23

Shells: Chapter 24

Shells: Chapter 25

Shells: Chapter 26

Cursed Island Arc

Shells: Chapter 27

Shells: Chapter 28

Shells: Chapter 29

Shells: Chapter 30

Shells: Chapter 31

Shells: Chapter 32

Sargasso-Mask Arc

Shells; Chapter ????

The next chapter will appear whenever it appears.

Mysterious Photo Edit


What could this be?

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