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Favorite Things In One PieceEdit

Top 5 Favorite Attacks
Attack Rank Reason
Gear Second
1 Luffy's Power Up Created To Protect His Nakama, This Technique Grants Him Enhanced Speed and Strength.
San Da Rin Rokuogan
2 The Most Powerful Known Form of Rokuogan, the Technique Utilized By True Rokushiki Masters.
Ice Time Capsule
Ice Time Capsule
3 A Technique That Sends a Wave Of Ice Across The Ground, Freezing Anything The Ice Touches.
Venom Demon Jigoku no Shinpan
Venom Demon: Jigoku no Shinpan
4 A Gigantic Version of Magellan Made From Extremely Corrosive Poison.
Rengoku Oni Giri
Rengoku Oni Giri
5 A More Powerful Version of Onigiri, Which Leaves Only Destruction In It's Wake.

Top 5 Favorite Male Characters
Kuzan Post Timeskip Portrait Trafalgar Law Portrait Donquixote Doflamingo Portrait Roronoa Zoro Post Timeskip Portrait Enel Portrait
Kuzan Trafalgar Law Donquixote Doflamingo Roronoa Zoro Enel
Top 5 Favorite Female Characters
Nico Robin Post Timeskip Portrait Monet Post Timeskip Portrait Nami Portrait Boa Hancock Portrait Shirahoshi Portrait
Nico Robin Monet Nami Boa Hancock Shirahoshi

Top 5 Favorite Named Devil Fruits
Devil Fruit Rank Reason
Hie Hie no Mi Infobox
Hie Hie no Mi
  • Ice Production and Manipulation
  • Intangible Ice Body
  • Can Freeze the Ocean
  • Immunity to Extremely Cold Climates.
Goro Goro no Mi Infobox
Goro Goro no Mi
  • Electricity Production and Manipulation
  • Intangible Electrical Body
  • Can Travel at the Speed of Lightning
  • Can Pick Up On Electromagnetic Waves to Enhance Haki
Pika Pika no Mi Infobox
Pika Pika no Mi
  • Photon Production and Manipulation
  • Intangible Photon Body
  • Light Speed Travel Capabilities
  • Weight Removal Which Equals Flight
Ope Ope no Mi Infobox
Ope Ope no Mi
  • Producing a Spherical Room in Which The User is In Full Control
  • Can Produce Electricity
  • Able to Cut Anything
  • Able to Defy the Laws of Physics Within Room
Gura Gura no Mi Infobox
Gura Gura no Mi
  • Shockwave Production
  • Able to Create Earthquakes, and Tsunamis
  • Able to Destroy the Entire World
  • Strongest Paramecia-Class Devil Fruit

Top 5 Weapons
Weapon Rank Reason
Franky Shogun
Franky Shogun
1 This Beautiful Machine Is A Mecha Franky Created During the Timeskip. The Shogun is Made of Wapometal and is Extremely Durable as A Missile Could Not Even Take it Out. Apparently Air Tight, Considering Not Even Poisonous Gas Could Make it Inside.
Wado Ichimonji
Wado Ichimonji
2 The Most Notable Sword of Zoro. Once Belonging to Kuina, This Deadly Blade has Survived Against Numerous Foes When Other Blades Haven't.
Battle Smasher Infobox
Battle Smasher
3 Former Admiral Zephyr's Main Weapon, As Well As His Prosthetic Arm. This Arm Is Made From Kairoseki and Is Equipped With Some Heavy Artillery, Such As a Cannon.
4 The Blade Belonging to The Strongest Swordsman in The World, Known As "The Worlds Strongest Blade".
Dial Infobox
5 A Special Type of Weapon Used On Skypeia, These Seashells Can Contain Matter and Release It Through Use, Such As Fire, Clouds, Electricity, or Even a Shockwave.


Rukiryo like many other Chat Lords, can utilize Nen. Rukiryo is a Specialist, which gives him an ability that doesn't belong into the other five categories. His Hatsu is called Jiyū (自由?) which means "freedom" when translated from Japanese. It is unknown where the idea of this came from. Each of his techniques having to do as he states, "not being able to be put down, but to be free."

His Named Techniques Include the Following:

Rukiryo's Nen Type: Specialist
Type: Specialist The Freedom of Pain (痛みの自由 Itami no Jiyū)
FORLFZ1 Before an incoming attack can reach him, Rukiryo distorts it, sending it elsewhere. This technique can only be used for defense, as well as while using this technique, Rukiryo can only remain stationary, for if he moves, the ability breaks.
Type: Specialist The Freedom of Opposition (野党の自由 Yatō no Jiyū)
Absolute Repel The Freedom of Opposition allows Rukiryo user to reflect any malice, whether it is directed at him or not, or even whether it be physical, elemental, or even Nen (This includes every type of attack, ranging from Enhancement, to Specialist). However, when this ability is activated, Rukiryo cannot attack others, or his ability will effect him instead of the foe, as well as the fact that the technique is completely indifferent, as it will effect both ally and foe.
Type: Specialist The Freedom of Imagination (想像力の自由 Sōzō-Ryoku no Jiyū)

FORLFZ4 By distorting the light around himself, and the areas he sees fit, Rukiryo is able to create multiple illusions to his liking, allowing him to seem as he is hurt when he is fine, and vice versa. Along with invisibility, and other things.
Type: Specialist The Freedom of Absence (不在の自由 Fuzai no Jiyū)
True Void For this, Rukiryo takes his "Freedom of Pain" technique, and distorts the area around the set target, and closes it, effectively causing the attack to vanish. This technique does not work on living beings, and what's more, while using this, Rukiryo is immobilized, as like "The Freedom of Pain", if he were to move, the technique would fail. Thus, he is very vulnerable and susceptible to attacks.
Type: Specialist The Freedom of Offense (犯罪の自由 Hanzai no Jiyū)
True Chaos By refracting air, Rukiryo can generate flying slashes at his opponents. These slashes can range from big to small, powerful or weak. This can also be used on things such as water, fire, electricity, the ground, and so forth. The attack does not necessarily have to be a Flying Slash, as it can be any form if damaging attack that Rukiryo may wish.

My Gallery (Pokémon)Edit

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