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I'm Medusa. 1st unit commander and Rear Admiral of G-6, and Head of the Uber Committee.

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I was once Saldeath! The short statured member of the Clean Up Committee!

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Yo!! I was elected as a member of the Shichibukai for being the Best Writer on the wiki! ^_^ And so my Shichibukai counterpart is "Blackbeard," Marshall D. Teach!

Obviously as you can tell, i'm a big fan of One Piece. I also enjoy writing up stories and creating characters.


Other than that, I also enjoy Dragon Ball (Z and Kai included, but I don't have much patience for GT. Or that movie either,) History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Digimon. I thought I was warming up to Sword Art Online for a while, but come Sword Art Online II, I've already lost whatever care I had for the series to begin with. However, as of recently, I've grown to enjoy watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and, er... I guess Kill la Kill's turning into a guilty pleasure of mine? I SWEAR IT'S NOT FOR THE "PLOTS"!! ...But yeah, it seems to have an interesting and nice mix of crazy and awesome to it. Soo, moving on.... I like Pokemon, but only the video games and manga (Pokemon Adventures/Special.) I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. I also like to play video games (you might have seen me on PSN.) I live in the U.S. and am an aspiring, self proclaimed "entertainer". I hope to become a manga-ka above all, but I also don't mind being an artist in general. I'm willing to become a musician (I have experience in playing the drums, Yohohohoho!,) Voice Actor (hopefully for FUNimation or any other company that dubs anime. I'm really not looking forward to working for a company like 4Kids,) or perhaps a comedian. But I will still try my hardest to become a manga-ka (currently working on a series known as Wild Hunt as of now.) Despite being an adult and everything (age 29,) I currently don't have much else going on.

What I like about One Piece:


Read at your own discretion

Became a OP fan 11 years ago and am currently caught up to where Yamato introduces himself to Luffy, saying he wants to be like Oden, wants to fight by Luffy's side, and that Luffy reminds Yamato of Ace.

thumb|300px|right|Childhood Nostalgia Mixed With One Piece? HELL YEAH!!

No spoilers please! Now for the specifics:

Favorite Crew: My top favorite crew is... well, who else? The Straw Hat Pirates of course! Though of course I'm starting to seriously like some of the 11 Supernovas (mostly the captains,) The Red Haired Pirates (again, this is directed towards Shanks in general,) and the Whitebeard Pirates (practically all of them so far. Mostly Whitebeard, Ace, Marco, Jozu, and Oars Jr.)

Favorite Pirates: Well for starters, I couldn't decide which Straw Hat I liked the most, so I love all 9 of 'em. Next up, one word: Ace. I really like Trafalgar Law and Scratchman Apoo (yeah, go figure, hehehe) among the Supernovas, although Hawkins is interesting and Drake is cool mainly because I like dinosaurs. Kid is pretty awesome, but he's a little too violent and ruthless for me. I prefer Law and Luffy over Kid.

Ol' Whitebeard also makes the list, for the sheer awesomeness he displayed at Marineford, and then there's Gol D. Roger, who was badass enough to not only create an entire era of piracy, become Pirate King, and turn the World Government and Marines' attempt to make an example out of him into a motivational speech for aspiring young pirates, BUT HE DID THAT THROUGH HIS DYING WORDS ALONE! Clearly, Roger is so amazing, he doesn't need to resort to violence; his words alone are enough.

Favorite Yonkou: Just Shanks, Whitebeard and as far as villainous Yonkou go, Blackbeard. What more do I need to say?

Favorite Shichibukai: Mostly Law, who seems to only get even cooler over time. If I had to choose someone else though, I'd probably root for Jinbe; he's one amazing fishman! And then there's former Shichibukai, Blackbeard who may be a close second place, right after Law. I'm still not a fan of most of the other Shichibukai, but I've grown to accept Hancock and tolerate Mihawk. He seems to only be doing his job, at least that's how he's been portrayed so far. (REMEMBER: I AM CURRENTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DRESSROSA ARC. NO SPOILERS PLEASE. THANK YOU.)

Favorite Marine: Personally I hate almost every Marine in the series due to how cruel they can be. But I DO have respect for Smoker and Tashigi (mainly because she's usually associated with Smoker.) And of course, if I like Luffy, it only makes sense that I'd like his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp as well. Aokiji as well; at first I was unsure about him because he was a (former) Admiral and all, so I wasn't sure where his priorities and morals stood. But after seeing Film Z, well... he has my seal of approval.

Favorite Villians/Antagonists: These are the guys I love to hate. Formerly, the top two offenders on my list at the time were Crocodile (anyone who can turn love itself into fuel for a civil war is just downright despicable in my book) and Eneru. I think my justifications for Eneru are clear enough. After all, he DOES have a god complex and everything, and uses it and his abilities to become a heartless dictator. I hated Bellamy with a passion and CP9 is just cruel, but still... CROCODILE. Granted though, that was all back when I was just getting into One Piece. Now that time has gone by and I'm further into the series, my list of favorites has altered quite a bit.

The #1 guy on my s*** list now is Blackbeard, AKA Marshall D. Teach. This guy... I swear. The things he did and the way he pulled the strings behind the Impel Down and Marineford arcs... And his actions afterward were nothing to laugh at either. Power hungry, charismatic, cowardly, a master manipulator and a dirty traitor to those he once sided with; Blackbeard somehow manages to make me want to put his head on a platter, and yet I still have fun watching him be the antagonist that he is. That makes him a definite "love to hate" character in my book. Plus, his powers are pretty awesome, I have to admit.

For some reason though, Moria didn't make me want to hate his guts (although stealing other people's shadows is unforgivable, so I don't like him any more than any other villain,) but rather, it was Hogback that disgusted me. He's one nasty doctor. And of course, despite Magellan being a worthy adversary, I just couldn't bring myself to hate him. He's just doing his job and genuinely cares for the safety of the world. Shiryu on the other hand... He's a complete monster. Oh, and for some reason or another, I liked Oars. Not the "love to hate" scenario, but rather, I actually liked him. Especially when you consider he was only Moria's puppet. Think about it: He's a HUGE giant. He has Luffy's shadow. And he forced the Straw Hats and Brook to fight together to stop him. Pretty awesome.

Favorite Other Characters: Well, barring the World Government and the Tenryuubito (they make my blood boil,) I really like quite a few characters that the Straw Hats have encountered. Most notably:

- Laboon

- Dalton

- Dr. Hiruluk

- Dr. Kureha

- Vivi Nefertari

- Carue

- Cobra Nefertari

- Igaram

- Pell

- Mr 2. Bon Clay (Bentham)

- Pagaya

- Conis

- Gan Fall

- Coby (Post training with Garp and Helmeppo)

Well, that's all I can think of. I'll edit this list whenever something new comes around the corner.

About the Series: Well, at first, like many other would-be fans, I wasn't interested in the slightest about One Piece. I had caught some glimpses of the 4Kids dub and scoffed. I thought that this series would have nothing to offer me (at the time, I knew about manga and anime.) Then one day, I heard someone review the series (can't recall exactly who it was) in a positive light. I mulled over what I had heard for days. Eventually, the day came, when at a local Borders bookstore, I noticed the first volume of the English One Piece manga sitting on a shelf with other volumes lined up against it. I focused my attention and picked up the copy, examining it from all corners. At first I was a little unsure, not knowing if this manga was as good as it was hyped up to be. I then came upon the decision that if I didn't like it, I could always try selling it or give it to a friend. I bought the first three volumes, wanting to read twenty chapters before making my decision (as I often ritually do with any new manga/anime nowadays.) After reading, I was still unsure. It was an intriguing series, albeit a little strange. I decided to keep going. Volume 4, volume 5, volume 6... As I continued, I noticed One Piece's unique charm. A beautiful story of adventure and nakama. Filled with action, enjoyable characters, and an interesting sense of humor. Naturally, I felt like I was magnetically drawn to Luffy. He was just a fun-loving guy who wanted to go on adventures with his nakama. Alright! Over time, I grew to love the idiot captain, and soon, the entire crew! By the time they reached Drum Kingdom and Chopper, I was hooked.

I have to say, at first I was put off by the art style and the so-called "childish nature" of the series, but that quickly disappeared once I fell in love with the story and its characters. Now I love Oda's art style, his sense of humor, and everything that makes One Piece so enjoyable. I'm convinced that Eiichiro Oda has a strong love of life and wants to share it with the world through One Piece. I also love how he has been able to take what would be a silly idea and make it amazing. A giraffe swordsman? Cooler than you'd think. The same goes for Sogeking and Bon Clay. And yes, skeletal musicians with afros are the epitome of awesome. Especially when they know how to fence. Maybe it's because I'm a bit childish myself at times, but I feel like I was meant to read this manga, and to watch the anime. It's outstanding. And so I came here, wanting to share my love of One Piece and my love of writing stories and characters. I have quite a few ideas in mind and I want to share them all with you, the members of Ship of Fools Wiki.

My favorite pages

I can't choose which to consider a TOP favorite, so i'm just gonna list pages in any random order I choose. :P

And there are probably more to come as I remember them; and as more pirates, Devil Fruit, ships, islands, Marines, bounty hunters, Revolutionaries, and pirate crews are created. ^_^




One Dream

A section for checking up on the latest adventures of my story, One Dream.

Pages that have been given to me:

This here is a list of pages that I have received from other users. Thanks once again to everyone who has handed over their beloved articles to me! T_T I promise I'll take care of 'em!

Plans for the future

This section is a list of pages and articles i'm planning to create sometime in the future, when I have more time to do so. This will also serve as a point of reference for me, in order to keep me more organized.


Drawing Designed by Cara

  • Leviathan (Collosals' ship)
  • Valhalla (Valkyries' ship)
  • Tombstone Grim vs. Izaya collab (with FMF)
  • Primo vs. Wyatt collab (with Ferno)
  • Nyoibo (Hanuman's bone staff)
  • Collab with Matarrok
  • Saurapod Model Dino Dino no Mi (Still deciding which species I should use. I want one of the larger ones, of course. :P)
  • Frost Island (Arctica Kingdom)
  • Collab with Mihawk (Jakyou. Using Blade D. Kris)
  • Collab with Kai
  • Yonkou War collab (with 1NF3RNO, 13th madman and FoolishMortalFOOL. Using The Jolly Pirates)
  • Trap Island collab (with Zeon, using The Marimo Pirates. I'll be using The Jolly Pirates)
  • Collab with Z (Rukiryo. Z's using the Thunder Beast Pirates and I'm using The Jolly Pirates)
  • Lucius and No Beard collab (with Ferno)
  • Nova Blade and Chiyome Lys' past collab (with Ferno)

Planning on organizing this list later, to make it easier to read.

Something cool

Just as the title says, this is something I thought was rather cool, that I'd like to share with whoever reads this. Wikia did a test for its users, to see what they're most like (or something like that. :\ ) And this is my "Wiki-A-Matic" test result. ^_^ I think the result summed up only roughly about 90% of who I am. The other 10% must've been forgotten or something. :P

Afterthought: Oh! And now I've added sub-sections to differentiate between the tests wikia has done, and to separate my personal gallery from the test results.

Wiki-A-Matic Results

You're a Lifestylist

You are the type of person who favors an old school outlook on life and can often be something of a perfectionist. Structure is important to you and you find that you need a careful balance of work and play in order to be in your absolute element.

Creative and imaginative, like to be inspired. Your expressive character means that from an you early age you've loved nothing more than putting personal touches to your space. You have a super relaxed attitude to life. Naturally down-to-earth, you don't believe in sweating the small stuff. Life's for living, with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment and so fun with family and friends is top of the list as far as you're concerned. Food is a definite passion too and you're always up for tantalizing your taste buds. You're a bit of a dreamer at heart. But there's nothing wrong with that. Set your sights high and you'll create the life you deserve.

Fighting armies, dragons and gangsters is an everyday pass time for you, although taking them all on at the same time could prove challenging! Your skills take escapism to another level and satisfaction isn't complete until you can see your name on the leaderboard.

You're open to new experiences and love exploring the world under your own steam. What better way to spend a holiday than heading out into the country and getting back to nature? After all, there's nothing like being out in the fresh air and under an open sky to blow out the cobwebs and leave you feeling reinvigorated. Sometimes a little space and distance from the everyday grind is the best medicine of all!

To sum it up in a few words, you love the mystery of life. You are not someone who only sees the humdrum of human existence - you like to marvel at the wonders of nature and universe.


Not sure about "passion for food," but everything else sounded really nice. ^_^

TruFan Quiz Results

Found another one of these wikia tests. This time, describing what kind of fan I am, or something. May as well share it with everyone else.

You're a Comic Book Buff

There's no stopping you from burying your head in the latest story.

It's not just about escape when it comes to the undying love between you and your favourite comic book. Sure, you love the stories and the adventures, but you're also a sucker for the art and style of it. Knowing that a true artist has spent their time creating a work of art just for you makes it feel really special.

You love to explore new things. You’re inquisitive and have a really vivid imagination. You really pride yourself on being the first person you know to find out about cool stuff, and when you do make an awesome new discovery no one is going to be able to distract you until you know all about it – and we mean ALL about it!

You love to share your knowledge with the world, and wiki is the perfect place for letting rip about all your latest discoveries. Storylines, crossovers, first appearances... you've got it covered.


Please substitute manga for comic book. There's a difference in my opinion. I enjoy reading manga, and have never been into American comics before in my life. As for the results themselves... well, I do enjoy the escapism, stories, characters and so forth, so that's a check. As for an artist making something for me to enjoy? I guess that's a check, now that I think about it. It's exactly what I plan to do as a writer later on in life after all. Exploring new things? Mm... Not so sure about that. But vivid imagination? I like to think I have one, so check that one off too. Priding myself on discovering cool things and doing whatever I can to learn all about it? ...Nah, doesn't sound like me. Moving along... Sharing knowledge with the world? I guess that's a check, as I liked the idea of coming to Ship of Fools and sharing my ideas with the other users here.

Soo... For the most part, it's hit and miss, if you will. I'd say this is roughly 66% correct about me. The other 34% is, er... someone else. ^_^;

Personal Gallery

Just a section for photos, drawings or general images I really enjoy.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Gallery

Inspired from the antics done over on Powerhouse's own Ship of Fools Starter Deck page, I figured I'd make a section entirely dedicated to the cards I've made from time to time. This is separated from my Personal Gallery section for the sake of the observer (you,) due to it being difficult to find these exact cards among my messy and growing gallery. Plus, I like having my ideas saved somewhere aside from my own computer (as I can often lose important files when switching computers every so often) and I also enjoy looking over my cards from time to time. So it seemed my user page was the best place to put them for the time being. I hope by sharing these with you all, you can find some amusement or inspiration from my personal ideas and creations. Or hell, it could just be a great way to kill time. Whatever works. :D

Shounen Showdown Set

This set of cards are my attempt to create a theme deck based around various anime characters; an attempt I've made countless times since I was a young teen. This set in particular is known simply as the Anime Hero theme and are based on anime heroes and heroines from different genres, anime and manga (mostly shounen, thus explaining the name of the set.) The idea behind how the theme functions in play is to maintain a strong presence on the field while also simultaneously supporting and benefiting from having Anime Hero cards on the field at any given time. It's essentially the power of friendship and the idea of challenging seemingly impossible odds in card form; two very common tropes seen throughout anime and manga (and again, especially in shounen.) Thus, in order to do this, many card effects involve the Anime Hero set in some way, and may even only activate when an Anime Hero is on the field, in the Hand or in the Graveyard. Likewise, the cards tend to specialize in getting onto the field somehow and are well suited to battling opposition and thriving during the Battle Phase and Damage Steps of a turn. However, a major weakness can include being overly reliant on fellow Anime Heroes and overcrowding the field too soon, which may run the risk of taking up space that could be used for better cards later on. Over reliance on Anime Heroes also means that if one cannot be obtained when the player needs it, it may ruin the setup or activation of an otherwise effective strategy or combo. Thus, careful management of the field and of the player's cards should be kept in mind when using Anime Heroes together.

And naturally, when working together in harmony, the theme proves to be very powerful and effective.

Anime Hero Son Goku.jpg

This card can be Special Summoned from your Hand during your opponent's Battle Phase whenever one or more Anime Hero Monster cards you control are destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. If this card was Special Summoned through this effect, it cannot target an opponent's Monster for an attack during your next Battle Phase. During your Draw Phase, if this card is in your Graveyard due to being destroyed and sent from the field, you may add it into your Deck and shuffle it instead of drawing a card from the Deck this turn.

Anime Hero Vegeta.jpg

So long as this card is face up on the field, your opponent must target this card whenever they declare an attack during their Battle Phase. While you control one or more Monsters with Anime Hero in their name, if this card battles an opponent's Monster whose ATK is higher than this card's, its ATK is raised by half of the opposing Monster's ATK during the Damage Step. Also, if this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you may search your Graveyard for 1 Trap card and add it to your Deck.

Anime Hero Piccolo.jpg

While this card is in your Hand and your opponent activates a Spell card that targets and destroys one or more Monsters with Anime Hero in their name that you control, you may Special Summon this card, and if you do, you may negate the activation of the Spell card and destroy it. While you control one or more Monsters with Anime Hero in their name when this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you may Special Summon this card during your opponent's End Phase. If this card is Special Summoned from the Graveyard by its own effect, halve its ATK and DEF until it is Special Summoned through another card's effect.

Anime Hero Krillin.jpg

When this card is destroyed as a result of battle and sent to the Graveyard, you may search your Deck for one Level 4 or lower Monster card with Anime Hero in its name and add it to your Hand.

Anime Hero Son Gohan.jpg

While this card is in your Hand and an Anime Hero Monster you control is targeted for an attack by one of your opponent's Monsters, you may Special Summon this card and negate the attack. While this card is face up on the field while you control one or more Monsters with Anime Hero in their name, if an Anime Hero you control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, increase this card's ATK by 300 points.

Anime Hero Future Trunks.jpg

While this card is face up on the field and you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster during each of your Standby Phases, you may look at the top card of your Deck. When this card battles a Machine type Monster, destroy it after the Damage Step.

Anime Hero Android 18.jpg

While this card is in your Hand and your opponent declares an attack on a Level 4 or lower Anime Hero Monster you control, you may return the targeted Monster to your Hand and Special Summon this card to the field.

Anime Hero Monkey D. Luffy.jpg

While this card is in your Hand and you control one or more Anime Hero Monsters when your opponent Special Summons a Monster, you may Special Summon this card. One per turn, during your Main Phase, while this card is face up on the field while you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster, you may activate one of the following effects:

  • Target one Monster on the field. Until your opponent's next End Phase, the selected card cannot attack, is switched into DEF position (if in ATK position) and has its effect(s,) if any, negated.
  • Until your opponent's next End Phase, this card cannot be destroyed by battle (battle damage is still applied normally.)
  • You may select one card in your opponent's Hand and look at it.
  • Until your End Phase, this card may attack your opponent directly during the Battle Phase.

Anime Hero Roronoa Zoro.jpg

While this card is face up on the field and equipped to one or more Equip Spell cards you control, it may attack once for each Equip Spell card equipped to it during each of your Battle Phases. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, while there is at least one other Anime Hero Monster you control, you may discard all Equip Spell cards equipped to this card to destroy all DEF position Monsters your opponent controls.

Anime Hero Nami.jpg

While this card is face up on the field and you successfully Special Summon an Anime Hero Monster, you gain 500 Life Points and can draw 1 card from the Deck.

Anime Hero Usopp.jpg

FLIP: Target one face up Trap card on the field and destroy it. While this card is face up on the field and you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster, this card may attack your opponent's Life Points directly AND can attack in DEF position. While you have at least one other Anime Hero Monster besides Anime Hero Usopp, Anime Hero Usopp cannot be targeted by your opponent's Monsters for an attack.

Anime Hero Sanji.jpg

This card cannot target any Monster with "Girl," "Lady," "Queen," "Princess," "Maiden" or "Empress" in its card name for an attack. While this card is face up on the field and you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster card, whenever this card attacks a DEF position Monster your opponent controls, inflict piercing Battle Damage to your opponent. During each of your Standby Phases, inflict 200 damage to your opponent's Life Points for each Anime Hero Monster you control besides Anime Hero Sanji.

Anime Hero Tony Tony Chopper.jpg

While this face up card is in ATK position, it gains 500 ATK, and while it is in DEF position, it gains 500 DEF. During each of your Standby Phases, you gain 400 Life Points for each face up Anime Hero Monster you control, excluding Anime Hero Tony Tony Chopper. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, while you control this face up card and at least one other Anime Hero Monster besides Anime Hero Tony Tony Chopper, you may pay 800 Life Points to search your Graveyard and return one Anime Hero Monster card to your Deck.

Anime Hero Nico Robin.jpg

You may discard a card from your Hand to Normal Summon this card instead of performing a Tribute Summon. Once per turn, during each of your Standby Phases, while this card is face up on the field and you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster card, you may return any number of cards in your Hand to your Deck and shuffle it. Then draw the same number of cards you returned to the Deck. While another Anime Hero Monster card you control is on the field, except Anime Hero Nico Robin, whenever this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you may discard one card from your opponent's Hand.

Anime Hero Franky.jpg

Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you may lower or raise the Level of one face up Monster you control (except Anime Hero Franky) up to the same number of Anime Hero Monsters you control. You can declare an attack with this card while it is in DEF position.

Anime Hero Brook.jpg

Whenever this card were to be destroyed as a result of battle, you may return it to your Hand instead. While you control this face up card and at least one other Anime Hero Monster, and while every face up Monster on your opponent's side of the field has a higher ATK than Anime Hero Brook, you may attack your opponent directly.

Anime Hero Ryuko Matoi.jpg

This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face up on the field or in the Graveyard. While this card is a Normal Monster on the field, you can Normal Summon it to have it become an Effect Monster with this effect:

  • When this card is Normal Summoned through its own effect, you may search your Deck for 1 Anime Hero Senketsu and add it to your Hand. If this card was Normal Summoned while you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster, you may equip Anime Hero Senketsu to this card instead.

Anime Hero Satsuki Kiryuin.jpg

While you control this face up card, all other Monsters you control gain 300 ATK for each Monster your opponent controls. Once per battle during either player's Battle Phase, all face up Anime Hero Monsters you control, excluding Anime Hero Satsuki Kiryuin, cannot be destroyed as a result of battle.

Anime Hero Senketsu.jpg

Once per turn, you can either: Target 1 face up Monster you control, equip this card to that target, OR, unequip this card and Special Summon it in face up ATK position. While equipped by this effect, the equipped Monster gains 100 ATK and DEF x its original Level. While equipped to an Anime Hero Monster, this card's Level, ATK and DEF are treated as the equipped card's. While equipped to Anime Hero Ryuko Matoi, you can declare an attack with this card.

Anime Hero Mako Mankanshoku.jpg

Once per turn, when this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, flipped face up or Special Summoned, you may Special Summon 1 Level 5, 6, 7 or 8 Anime Hero Monster from your Hand.

Anime Hero Ira Gamagori.jpg

While you control this face up card, all face up Monsters on the field cannot have their effect(s) negated. If an Anime Hero Monster you control were to be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you may send this card to the Graveyard instead.

Anime Hero Uzu Sanageyama.jpg

When this card is Normal Summoned successfully, you may look at your opponent's Hand and all Set cards your opponent controls.

Anime Hero Nonon Jakuzure.jpg

When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, flipped face up or Special Summoned, you may search your Deck for 1 Anime Hero Satsuki Kiryuin and add it to your Hand. When this card attacks an Effect Monster, its effect(s) are negated during the Damage Step.

Anime Hero Houka Inumuta.jpg

During each of your Standby Phases, while you control this card and at least one other Anime Hero Monster, you may pick up from either player's Deck the same number of cards as Anime Hero Monsters you control and rearrange them in any order you like on top of their respective player's Deck.

Anime Hero Simon.jpg

If this card was used as Synchro Material for a Machine type Anime Hero Synchro Monster, then once per turn, during the Damage Step of a battle involving that Synchro Monster, the Synchro Monster cannot be destroyed by battle (battle damage is still applied normally.) While this card is face up on the field while you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster (excluding Anime Hero Simon,) add 1 "Shounen Counter" to this card during each of your Standby Phases (max. 3) During your Standby Phase, when this card has 3 Shounen Counters on it, you may remove them to send this card to the Graveyard and Special Summon from your Hand or Deck one Anime Hero (Older) Simon. Once per turn, during the Damage Step of a battle involving this card, if the opponent's Monster's ATK is higher than this card's ATK or DEF, double this card's ATK and DEF.

Anime Hero Kamina.jpg

If this card was used as Synchro Material for a Machine type Anime Hero Synchro Monster, then during battle between that Synchro Monster and an opponent's DEF position Monster whose DEF is lower than the Synchro Monster's ATK, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. While this card is face up on the field, all Anime Hero Monsters you control (except Anime Hero Kamina) gain 200 ATK for each face up Anime Hero Monster you control. If this card was Normal Summoned or Flip Summoned, then on the 5th Standby Phase after being summoned, send this card to the Graveyard.

Anime Hero Yoko Littner.jpg

While this card is face up on the field and you control at least one other Anime Hero Monster, this card may attack your opponent's Life Points directly AND can attack in DEF position. If this card was used as Synchro Material for a Machine type Anime Hero Synchro Monster, it gains the following effect: Once per turn, during your Battle Phase, instead of targeting an opponent's Monster for an attack, you may select one card in your opponent's Hand and discard it. This is still treated as declaring an attack.

Anime Hero (Older) Simon.jpg

Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you may lower the Level of Anime Hero (Older) Simon up to the same number of Anime Hero Monsters you control (except Anime Hero (Older) Simon) until the End Phase. If this card was used as Synchro Material for a Machine type Anime Hero Synchro Monster, it gains the following effect: During each of your Standby Phases, increase this card's ATK and DEF by 500 points. If Anime Hero (Older) Simon destroys an opponent's Monster by battle, you may search your Deck for one Anime Hero Monster and add it to your Hand.

Primordial Chaos Set

This is an old archetype of cards I thought up waaaaaaaaaay back when I was still in high school. This set of cards in particular revolves around a new sub-type I was playing with at the time, which I called "Double." Naturally, due to my slow but steadily budding interest in duality at the time, the Double archetype was meant to embody two different extremes and have them compliment each other to make for an effective series of cards. Unfortunately, I never got any farther in developing the archetype than creating the first two Double monsters, Chaos Warrior and Chaos Witch. As a result, the entire archetype's strengths and weaknesses are vague as of now, though it may have possibly been meant to capitalize on a variety of different types and attributes, which would have given a Double themed deck a lot of variety and flexibility when dealing with certain types or attributes possessed by cards belonging to the opponent.

Currently, I am considering reviving this archetype and introducing new cards to support it.

Chaos Warrior.jpg

Change the type of this card to both a Fairy and a Fiend type. Remove from play 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK Attribute Monster from your Graveyard to search through your Deck and select 1 Equip Spell card and equip it to this card. While this card is face up on the field, your opponent cannot remove from play any cards in either player's Graveyard.

Chaos Witch.jpg

Change the type of this card to both a Fairy and a Fiend type. Once per turn, you may add 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK Attribute Monster that has been removed from play to your Deck and shuffle it. While this card is face up on your side of the field, all Double type Monsters on your side of the field may attack twice during your Battle Phase. Once per turn, you may look at your opponent's Hand and choose 1 Monster card. Next, select 1 face up Monster on your side of the field. If your opponent's Monster's ATK is lower than the selected Monster's, discard it. If not, you lose 500 Life Points. If you have activated this effect, you cannot activate it on the following turn.

Steamage Elf.jpg

Change the type of this card to both a Pyro and Aqua type. During each of your Standby Phases, while you control this face up card, add one Spell Counter to this card (max: 10) Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you may remove any number of Spell Counters from this card to select and perform one of the following effects:

  • Select cards your opponent controls, equal to the number of Spell Counters removed, and send them to the top of the opponent's deck.
  • Inflict 200 points of damage to your opponent equal to the number of Spell Counters removed.

Techno Wizard.jpg

Change the type of this card to both a Spellcaster and a Machine type. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you may select and activate one of the following effects:

  • If you control a face up Spellcaster type Monster (aside from Techno Wizard,) you may select one face down card your opponent controls and look at it. The card is returned to face down position afterward.
  • If you control a face up Machine type Monster (aside from Techno Wizard,) you may choose one face up card your opponent controls and negate its effect(s) until your End Phase.

Macabre Maiden.jpg

Change the type of this card to both a Zombie and a Warrior type. After the damage step of a battle between this card and an opponent's Monster, change the opposing Monster's type to Zombie. If this card was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by your opponent, you may Special Summon this card in face-up Defense position during either player's End Phase. This card gains 1 Level and 500 Attack and Defense for each of your opponent's face-up Zombie type Monsters.

Wyvern's Helpful Organizer

As the title suggests, this is just a section to help me remember some things I don't want to forget. Ranging from the trivial to the serious. Not entirely sure I want to add anything One Dream related here though, as it can lead to accidental spoilers. Hmm... Perhaps a spoiler alert tag of some sort should be added, just in case? Well, aside from all that, below is a list of stuff to keep my expansive collection of memories in check. Feel free to ignore this, as it isn't all too important to anyone else. But hey, if you want to read this and see what I've written down, by all means, go right on ahead.

Chat Persona Fighting Techniques

Below is a list of attacks I've thought up and named for the sheer fun of it. I use them from time to time in the chat, whenever someone starts up a brawl. Because of course I'd never start anything. :P

As I prefer martial arts and to keep the lethality of my attacks at a low, the techniques listed mostly retain to various martial arts. Albeit some random techniques get thrown in here and there, depending on the situation and my mood.

Gavel Jutsu

This is a form of fighting where I use my 5'10" gavel, Senshi no Ten (Heaven's Warrior,) to batter, bruise and clobber my beloved friends and shipmates. It was taught to me by my awesome British clone and sensei, my dear friend, TheMediaJudge. Somehow, with no real explanation as to why or how, I achieved Shikai and Bankai, like in the Bleach series, with my gavel, and can even discuss matters with him in his realm. Or... whatever the hell goes on in Bleach (never got past the Soul Society arc. <_<) With Gavel Jutsu, I strike down the guilty and protect the innocent. I dish out sweet, blind justice to those who deserve it.

Under normal circumstances, Senshi no Ten is merely a man-sized gavel made of a tough substance. However, as I cannot tell what TMJ's gavels are made of, I cannot properly say what Senshi no Ten is crafted from. Therefore, all I can say for certain is that it's well made and sturdy enough to even ram it repeatedly into some of the toughest objects and people in the chat. It stands at a rather decently sized 5'10", making it ten inches taller than me. I normally keep Senshi no Ten strapped to my back at all times when not in use. When in battle however, I even manage to surprise myself at how many different ways I can throw around an oversized hammer; such as not only swinging side to side and thrusting it downward as if my opponent were a nail, but I've managed to pole vault with either end of Senshi no Ten, and even jab the end of the pole for a thrusting attack. It appears not only must I be clever with how I wield it, but I must be acrobatic and be given some room to move about to some extent.

As a weapon of justice, I have decided to name all of the basic Gavel Jutsu techniques in a certain pattern. Every technique name begins with "Just," as a reference to justice and the straightforward approach I take with my strikes, and then ends with me speaking aloud what action I'm about to take; like swinging or pounding.

  • Just Pound:
  • Just Thrust:
  • Just Swing:

In order to achieve Shikai, I must hold Senshi no Ten out in front of myself in a horizontal pose and then cry out "declare your judgment, Senshi no Ten!" By doing this, Senshi no Ten transforms under the cover of a blinding white light and morphs into a golden colored, metallic Shinto monk staff. This then changes the way in which I have to fight with Senshi no Ten, as it has changed shape completely, albeit it's size has not diminished at all. Furthermore, hidden underneath its exterior is a powerfully thick metal chain, which, while normally bundled up tightly in its dormant state, can extend for a good number of feet in the direction I aim Senshi no Ten, simply by forcefully thrusting the staff forward. This then also reveals another secret about Senshi no Ten's Shikai state; it can divide into three separate, yet still connected sections. These sections are tethered together by the metal chain underneath, and as a result, it can give me more reach in battle and grant Senshi no Ten much more flexibility; such as twirling it around to increase kinetic energy (or however that works, <_<) whipping it out at designated targets, or even binding anyone or anything within reach.

Furthermore, the ring that sits atop the head of the staff can be taken advantage of, if I get clever enough. I have already considered using it to grab a hold of an enemy's arm or leg, thus trapping them within the ring. Afterward, I can then swing the staff, causing the opponent to be sent sprawling in whatever direction I swing. It can also be useful for catching swords and other objects I'd prefer to divert away from me, so long as it can fit within the radius of the ring. Additionally, the smaller rings resting at the bottom of the larger ring serve a function too. With them, I can swing Senshi no Ten and initiate a technique in which the rings transform into yellow disks of energy, much like Krillin's Destructo Disk technique in the Dragon Ball series. The energy disks then fly out in the direction I fling them; cleaving anything they run into (again, like the Destructo Disk.) Somehow, Senshi no Ten never seems to run out of supply when it comes to its Shikai form's rings. After the first set have been used up, a second set seems to almost instantly take their place.

However, Senshi no Ten's Shikai is not without weaknesses. Firstly is that it seems to drain my stamina while it's in use. Thankfully enough though, it isn't by much, but if I overuse Shikai for too long, I can become exhausted and be left open for attack. And secondly, the rings hanging under the large ring tend to rattle about when I move too hastily, suddenly or quickly with Senshi no Ten. This creates a distinct noise which can give away my position; an undesirable result if I want to use stealth or stay hidden from someone.

The techniques listed are named in a different manner than that of Senshi no Ten's base form. Given the religious appearance Senshi no Ten takes on, and the fact that Senshi no Ten's spiritual appearance is that of a blindfolded, androgynous male angel (I had previously assumed he was a girl, -_-+++) I have decided to start off each technique name with "Heaven." The rest of the technique's name can vary, depending on the appearance of the technique or even how I make use of it.

Following the Bleach theme, Bankai is the ultimate stage Senshi no Ten and I can attain; making it far more powerful than either the base or Shikai forms. In order to enter the Bankai state, I need only to say "Bankai!" and summon the power from within my body and Senshi no Ten's being. When in this state, we become not Wyvern 0m3g4 or Senshi no Ten, but a magnificent fusion of the two; Sensho Senshi no Ten (Victorious Heaven's Warrior.) In this state, Senshi no Ten's gavel and staff forms no longer exist, and disappear completely. Likewise, my entire appearance changes. My brown hair, black shirt and blue jeans become white, and my white sarashi becomes blue. My sandals become adorned with a pair of small white angel feathers on either side of my foot, and vertically crossing both my eyes is a blue streak of some kind. As for Senshi no Ten, it alters its appearance from a gavel/staff, to a row of six golden metallic angel wings that sprout from my back. With these wings, I can now fly freely of my own will, and can even make use of them as weapons; their metallic structure making them more useful as blades. And finally, on my triceps, wrists, ankles, and just below my knee caps are pairs of golden metal rings. Their apparent purpose seems to be to act as power limiters, to keep my Bankai form in check. However, with training, I've learned how to willfully undo these limiters, which causes the rings to shatter into pieces upon doing so. I can now even choose how many rings to remove, and can remove all of them at once if I desire. By doing this, a huge surge of energy rushes throughout my body, which increases my overall total by considerable amounts for each ring undone. It also allows me to reach even greater heights of physical strength and speed, and can improve the power of my Bankai form's techniques. The downside to doing this however, is that it can lead to a huge strain on my body if used improperly, and can result in me causing massive damage to my surrounding environment unnecessarily. Thus why the rings are placed on me to begin with.

The main problem to using Bankai though, is that like the Shikai state, Senshi no Ten drains a good deal of stamina from my body, which makes me exhausted after a period of time has elapsed. Unlike the Shikai form, Bankai takes up even more energy, which wears me out much more quickly. Thus, I cannot overly rely on Bankai, and mustn't overuse it recklessly.

Like with Shikai, given the angelic motif of Senshi no Ten, while Bankai is active, my techniques have their names begin with "Heaven" and end in a variety of ways. Mostly to do with the divine.

  • Heaven's Wrath:


This form of fighting is only used by my evil half, whenever he appears. In a desire to distance himself from me, as he sees me (the dominant, good half) as a weak loser, he has decided to do something I'd never do; pick up the art of the sword. Normally, I refrain myself from using bladed weaponry, as it's far too lethal in combat to use, and I dislike the idea of killing life. My evil half lacks those concerns, as he only cares about himself, like the selfish jerk he is. Therefore, he has begun using a pair of swords he keeps around with him, making him an efficient swordsman. One sword has a jet black blade and crimson hilt, with an equally crimson sheath to accompany it; this, he calls "Kurai Ōji" (Dark Prince.) The other's color scheme is completely inverted; with a crimson blade and jet black hilt and sheath. This one he refers to as "Chi Ōjo" (Blood Princess.)

Like my Senshi no Ten, the Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo are capable of attaining Shikai and Bankai together. My evil counterpart is dangerously lethal when using these swords, so extreme caution must be taken whenever he decides to withdraw them.

Like Senshi no Ten, Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo appear to be made of amazing quality, as they've been used against the same constructs and people in the chat as my Senshi no Ten has; even despite appearing to be no more than oddly colored katana. Both swords are kept strapped to either side of my evil half's waist, and either sword can be used at any given time; be it Kurai Ōji alone, Chi Ōjo alone, or both simultaneously. Standard techniques involving these two malevolently named blades usually consist of the typical slashing, swiping, and thrusting seen in most, if not all forms of sword based combat. However, this doesn't mean my evil half is without other tactics, as he can also just as easily block and parry assaults directed at him; whether they be from close range or afar. And like most swordsmen seen in One Piece, he too can perform flying slashes by launching compressed blades of air from a swing of his swords. Also, while hard to admit, he has shown clever use of dual wielding, such as performing strategic combo attacks with both blades. One instance involving one blade defending against an opponent's strike, while the other goes in for a counterattack.

Currently, there are no known named techniques for my evil half's Nitoryu. While he won't admit to it, it's perhaps because he hasn't figured out what names to stick with for the time being.

After much effort was put into it, my evil half managed to awaken Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo's Shikai form. This is done by holding both blades out in front of him, horizontally and connected to each other at the hilt, and reciting "conquer the battlefield, Kurai Ōji! Slay the enemy, Chi Ōjo!" Blinding onlookers with a purplish-black light, both swords fuse with each other and change shape; now taking on the appearance of a double ended pitchfork. One end is colored entirely jet black (this being Kurai Ōji's half) while the other side is a crimson red (this being Chi Ōjo.) With this new weapon, my evil half is given a completely different form of fighting than that of his Nitoryu. Firstly, both sides have three conical points at their end, which can easily tear and slash through flesh, bone, stone, wood and metal, amongst other things. These act as the main form of offense for my evil half's attacks, with the intent to spear and slice the enemy to shreds. With both ends adorned with spearheads, it also leaves the opponent without rest from my evil half's onslaught; as he can quickly spin and swing his double-ended pitchfork to stack up damage in a short amount of time. When put on the defensive, my evil half can use the space between the spearheads to catch various attacks before they reach him, and has used the spearheads themselves to deflect oncoming assaults.

A unique ability of Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo's Shikai form is that in contrast to Senshi no Ten's Shikai, which can release circular, serrated discs of energy as a fighting technique, Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo seem to be capable of firing purplish-black conical energy blasts; resembling devil horns to some extent. These "horn" blasts are launched from the spearheads of the pitchfork; thus my evil half can fire these energy blasts from either end if need be; as well as from both sides simultaneously if he so desires. The energy blasts are quick and potent, leaving behind considerable destruction depending on how much of my evil half's energy and stamina has been poured into the technique. Due to the speed at which the energy travels, and the fact that there are three spearheads to each end of the pitchfork, this allows my evil half to rapidly overwhelm his opponents with a volley of energy blasts at will. However, he has at least in certain occasions, shown some restraint, by firing one "horned" energy blast at a time when the mood strikes him. He's also shown that he has some control over the size of the energy blast, such as by creating one massive energy "horn" as opposed to multiple smaller "horns" as would be usual.

Other uses for the weapon's Shikai form have included things such as flying slashes made from compressed air, to twirling Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo overhead in order to form a whirlwind around my evil half, which can shred apart anything that comes into contact with it. Despite its many uses and advantages however, it still shares the same crucial weakness as my Senshi no Ten does. By using Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo's Shikai, my evil counterpart will syeadily lose stamina over time; even more so if he squanders his energy blasts too frequently. Aside from that, the appearance of the weapon itself leaves little room for handling, as both ends are too dangerous to approach normally. However, with this being my evil half, he's found some ways to get past this limitation, such as through pole vaults when mobility is needed.

Like with his basic techniques, my evil half hasn't fully thought out what to name his Shikai attacks.

While it took a while for my evil half to achieve Shikai, it took even longer for him to activate Bankai. Much like their morally good counterpart, Bankai is the strongest form my evil half can attain alongside his weapons, Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo. As I do with Senshi no Ten, all my evil side must do to enter this state is declare the phrase, "Bankai," and he'll have transformed alongside his katana into a powerful force of destruction. Currently, there is little detail I can offer about my evil half's Bankai, as I am still studying it and its overall effects in secret (lest my evil side lashes out and tests his Bankai powers on me.) What can be said as of now though, is that my evil half seems to be adorned with some kind of intimidating armor made of animal bones, whilst Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo take on a physical form and appear to fight alongside my evil half in the physical plane. Kurai Ōji appearing as some kind of nightmarish demon made entirely of billowing darkness, while his "sister" (as my evil half refers to his swords as siblings,) Chi Ōjo, appears in the form of some sort of elegant yet sinister noblewoman; dressed completely in red. When in this state, my evil half seems to be capable of having Kurai Ōji and Chi Ōjo fight for him through his will alone, as if they're his puppets. Kurai Ōji becomes renamed as "Muteki Kurai Ōji" (Invincible Dark Prince,) and Chi Ōjo is known as "Miryoku-tekina Chi Ōjo" (Charming Blood Princess.) The powers of Muteki Kurai Ōji seem to be related to darkness; as it's been seen using abilities highly reminiscent of Blackbeard's Yami Yami no Mi. And true to her name, it seems Miryoku-tekina Chi Ōjo can wield blood related powers, much like Drazil and his Chi Chi no Mi (found on this very wiki.) Furthermore, my evil half can apparently grab ahold of either materialized weapon and transform them into their respective power (Muteki Kurai Ōji becoming black, billowing darkness and Miryoku-tekina Chi Ōjo transforming into solid, crystallized blood;) each taking the shape of a sword, which reflects their origins as weapons. Even when in sword shape, Muteki Kurai Ōji and Miryoku-tekina Chi Ōjo can still use their darkness and blood powers whenever my evil counterpart wishes them to. This versatility and potential for destruction makes me consider my evil half's Bankai as being highly dangerous; an ability to be extremely cautious of, no matter what.

Luckily for everyone around him however, much like with my own Bankai, my evil half cannot use Bankai forever, as it drains him heavily of his stamina over time. As a result, he can become exhausted and weary once deactivating Bankai after extended use of it. And if he overuses its techniques or keeps it active for far too long, he can run the risk of causing severe harm to himself, if not outright death. This creates a limit to how long and how often Bankai can be used. However, being my evil half, this limitation has only made him more crafty in how and when to use it, which only serves to make him all the more dangerous.

Currently, as this is a newfound ability my evil half has discovered, there are no named techniques.

Blue Leg Style



Blazing Fist Style

The Blazing Fist Style is a form of martial arts I developed all on my own, first conceived for a self-insert of mine back on One Piece War Wiki and later made heavy usage of on Ship of Fools' chat. The idea behind Blazing Fist was to create a series of attacks that control and manipulate fire as its core principle, and would thus be an elemental opposite to Fishman Karate. I grew to like the idea so much, I ended up repackaging it as Coronan Krav Maga on this wiki as well, and so both martial arts are very much the same at their roots.

Blazing Fist has to be one of, if not my absolute MOST favorite martial art I use, as I have this strong fascination with fire and such, and so I just adore making flashy shows out of my fights by throwing in some flames and explosions here and there. Due to making a lot of use out of Blazing Fist Style, it only stands to reason I am very gifted in its practice by now, albeit I don't see myself a master either. More of an adept really. In any case, I love it and know how to use it to great effect.

Blazing Fist at its most basic is simply the use of attacking opponents with heat, mostly in the form of fire and flames. Typically, weaker versions of this fighting style will involve pre-existing fire from external sources, such as torches or lamps, to strike opponents. As for the melee strikes themselves, they are largely unfocused and appear more like a free-form style of fighting, meaning any strike or blow is allowed in Blazing Fist Style. More experienced martial artists such as myself have learned to generate our own flames upon command by either making use of fire breathing or simply by increasing our body heat to life-threatening degrees (life-threatening due to a breathing and muscle manipulation technique that forces the lungs and heart to pump blood much more quickly while the body's core temperature rises, thus leading to issues such as heat stroke, heart attacks and hyperventilation. Thus, this is a VERY dangerous thing to do, but the payoff is rather amazing and effective.) Upon doing so, I can either make my skin glow with a reddish-orange light and become painfully hot to touch, or I can take it a step further and set myself on fire. A more disciplined version of the technique involves partial immolation, such as only setting one fist or leg on fire as opposed to the entire body at once. This can also prevent the body from suffering heart failure and stroke as the effects will be focused into one area instead of spread out all over the body.

Below lists the various techniques I use with Blazing Fist Style; some beginning with the word "Red" or "Crimson" to emphasize the hotness and imagery of flames:

  • Red Fist:
    • Flying Red Fist:
  • Red Palm:
  • Spinning Crimson Axe:
  • Meteor Kick:
  • Clawed Fang of the Blazing Beast:
    • Clawed Fangs of the Twin Blazing Beasts:
  • Swinging Crimson Arc:
  • Grand Phoenix Dive:
  • Kaenkaenha:

Alternatively, there is also the Cold Fist Style, which I developed in case I couldn't make use of any existing flames or couldn't generate heat of any sort but still wanted to use the Blazing Fist Style in its physical combat sense. Therefore, as each blow from these attacks lacks the intense flames of Blazing Fist, I called it Cold Fist. Simple enough, no? Well, there's not a lot to say about this style since it's just a glorified freestyle martial art.

Below, the attacks are:

  • One Thousand Needles:
    • Two Thousand Needles:

Dragonbreath is another offshoot of Blazing Fist Style I thought up in case the original fighting style needed support or couldn't be used in its regular state. Dragonbreath was named after the phrase "dragon breath," which is just another way of saying halitosis or "morning breath." And so likewise, its assortment of techniques can humorously reflect the image of bad breath in some way. This is because Dragonbreath normally involves literally breathing fire from the user's body, either via a flame sac in the body or through super heating my innards to the point they catch on fire and can be expelled through the mouth. Dragonbreath's techniques usually come out as streams of flame or as fireballs or various sizes, though some can be specially designed and stylized in various ways, such as being spat out in the shape of shuriken. Typically, this is meant as a mid to long range fighting style in case the close ranged techniques of Blazing Fist and Cold Fist aren't up to snuff.

The attacks are:

  • Breath Cannon:
    • Blazing Beast Breath Cannon:
  • Spark Shuriken:

Here it is, my prized evolution of the Blazing Fist Style, Searing Soul. As stated above, Searing Soul is achieved through finesse and concentration, by manipulating the strength and movement of my muscles as well as my breathing to maximize the body's core temperature and blood flow. Once I have heightened my body temperature to lethal levels, my body will combust into a shroud of flames which mostly blocks my appearance from sight (aside from a darkened silhouette inside.) When the light is dimmer under other circumstances, my body can be clearly seen within the flames, seemingly unharmed, thanks to rigorous training on my part to resist the painful burning effects of fire.

Searing Soul was developed as a way to instantly create fire whenever I need it, as well as to make use of Blazing Fist Style's principle of striking heat and using it as a weapon to its greatest efficiency, as being covered head to toe in flames allows me to quickly and effectively manipulate the flames however I want, as well as allow myself to make use of it anywhere on my body at any given time. In time I learned to focus Searing Soul's effects into a concentrated point on my body to reduce the harm I inflict upon myself as well as to better and more efficiently control my skills.

As for its name, the name is simply my way of referring to hot-bloodedness, as a "searing soul" would mean you're all fired up, right?

Currently, there are no confirmed named techniques as I'm still working those out. But I bet they'll be awesome in time! :D

An evolution of an evolved fighting style! Much like how the Super Saiyan transformation has gone through stages, so too did my Searing Soul. Recalling that flames come in varying colors and thus can advertise just how hot they are from a glance, I decided to create a way to intensify the effects of Searing Soul by simply making myself even HOTTER than before. That means even MORE finesse and control, and an even greater threat to my life as even my body will have trouble with anything hotter than a normal fire. Regardless, I rely on Grade 2 when necessary when average flames aren't hot enough to burn down my opposition. As for why it's named "Noble Soul," this is because the flames in Grade 2 have become blue, as blue fire is much hotter than the usual orange-yellow flame, and the blue coloration looked rather noble to me somehow, so I simple referred to this as Noble Soul (plus it's an awesome usage of wordplay to refer to a good natured and well behaved person, which I usually strive to be.)

Naturally, because the flames are hotter in Noble Soul, this means I can burn, melt and thaw things much more efficiently than I could in the average Searing Soul. Also in this state, my flames can sometimes end up melting stone to magma if applied in just the right way or stay in contact with stone long enough, thus giving me very limited magma and lava manipulation to some degree.

Currently, there are no known Noble Soul techniques that I have decided on.

So naturally, why stop it after Grade 2? There are flames even hotter than blue fire after all. Enter Grade 3: Valiant Soul, named after the idea of people who are righteous, brave, hard working and all around great guys, which is also something I work hard to be one day. In this state, the flames become a brilliant, pure white, which just looks oh so pretty to me. Likewise, the increased heat further endangers my life, to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if I end up passing out, being burnt alive or what have you due to the effects of being immolated in white fire. And naturally, with great risk comes great payoff, as the white flames are truly capable of melting minerals into magma/lava by this point, and so I have full advantage to go Akainu on others so long as I don't directly touch the lava I create (since I'm only fire resistant, not lava resistant. >.<) Also rather naturally, there's very little I can't burn through by this point, and so whatever I come into contact with will most likely be incinerated, thawed, evaporated, melted and so on. If I were to do a karate chop on a brick in this state, it'd be like a knife cutting straight through hot butter. It's just that effective.

Likewise, there are no attacks listed yet. I'm working on that.

Yep, here it is, the final grade! The only thing hotter I could think of than white fire was the pure, life killing rays of the sun itself; gamma radiation. However, despite using the very plasma that surrounds the sun, I do not glow yellow, white or so on. Instead, gamma radiation is invisible, and thus why we never see the heat emitted from our sun with our naked eyes. As a result, a lethal aura of invisible heat encapsulates my body at all times, leaving me perfectly visible as always. The only notable things to mention are that for starters, due to the heat, and because even I have my limits to how how it can get, I will sweat, A LOT. And that sweat in turn evaporates instantly into the heat. However, much like in the strange way Might Guy's releasing of the 7th chakra gate, the Gate of Wonder/Shock, causes him to sweat and in turn have that sweat evaporate into an aura around him, well... you get the point. My sweat evaporates and mixes into the heat and generates a blue aura around me, much like a Super Saiyan aura in Dragon Ball Z. Secondly, the powerful updraft of hot air shooting skyward causes my hair to also stick up, usually in a jagged and unkempt manner. And thirdly, the intense sensations I experience in this state seem to cause my pupils to dilate, making them resemble a lizard's slit eyes, or rather, as I like to think of it, causing them to become "dragon eyes." In short, I essentially go Super Saiyan with a blue aura and dragonic eyes thanks to heat energy surrounding me at all times.

It also goes without saying by this point that if the other Grades haven't killed me yet, this one, by all means, should. Likewise, there's hardly anything hotter than gamma radiation/plasma itself in this known universe of ours, so it's essentially the ultimate form in offensive Blazing Fist Style techniques. Everything around me seems to die in my presence and I become the ultimate tool of destruction and purification. I become pure heat energy itself.

As for the name of this Grade? Well, it's simple; it's the final stage of Searing Soul (the final grade,) and I overheated. Plus, doesn't it just sound so cool? +_+ Well, even if you disagree with me, I still like it and that's really all that matters by this point.

Currently, there are no known attacks for Overheat as of now.

Fishman Karate


Earth Resonance

This is an ability, like airbending above, that is not native in the slightest to One Piece or Ship of Fools Wiki. Instead, Earth Resonance is a type of power I invented on my own for my manga, Wild Hunt, which I call resonance sorcery. Delighted in the progress I've been making with my manga, I decided to use a form of sorcery that I believed suited me as an individual on the chat, simply on a whim and for fun. At first, it was an ability to turn my fingers into pencils and animate anything I drew, but I ended up scrapping the idea since I have little to no confidence in my drawing abilities. Afterward, I tried playing with a new concept I was playing with at the time, "resonance." Resonance sorcery is very similar to Logia Devil Fruit powers, in that it relies heavily on manipulating the forces of nature; however, whereas Logia Devil Fruits allow their users to transform their bodies into the element they possess, resonance sorcery causes the core (the mind and soul) to synchronize with a certain element, thus the term "resonance."

After much consideration, and despite loving flames and elemental fire, I figured I had a personality that suited the element of earth much better, so I assumed the usage of Earth Resonance; albeit the more fun explanation would be that as creator of the Wild Hunt universe, I could claim any power within the manga as my own, and since I already tend to use fiery powers on the chat as it is, I figured I'd choose stone and ground manipulation this time instead.

With Earth Resonance, I can possess physical qualities of whatever mineral I'm channeling (mostly the hardness and weight of stone, or the lightness and malleability of sand) and vice-versa. Also, and much more obviously, I can move various minerals and the ground itself at will; allowing me to use stones, sand, gemstones and the planet itself as an extension of myself for combat and pragmatic purposes. As is typical with my use of my various fighting styles, I tend to prefer complimenting hand-to-hand unarmed combat with terrakinesis (moving minerals, stones, etc. with your mind) as well as overwhelming my opponent with elemental abilities equivalent to that of a natural disaster (earthquakes, sandstorms, rock slides, meteorite collisions, etc.)

Aside from hand-to-hand combat and overwhelming power, I've also worked hard to include finesse and well honed spells among my repertoire. By using my rudimentary knowledge of geology and combining it with my personal tastes, I've managed to create a slew of spells that are not only uniquely "me," but also ones that can be effective and reliable when called upon (no pun intended, since evocations (calling out the name of the spell) is a requisite in executing the spell in Wild Hunt.) These spells range from the basic and generic like Dry Dagger, to the grandiose and symbolic like Tenchi Formation, and to others that are based upon personal interests and fascinations, like Ancient Armory. And as to be expected from something that uses the raw power of nature, my spells are usually widespread and highly dangerous in terms of destructive potential. While I can use simpler spells that are meant for small scale confrontations (such as one-on-one fights,) Earth Resonance as a whole still possesses enough potential to wipe out entire cities, islands or perhaps even more if not properly reigned in. The end result is that I am capable of adjusting my spells so that I can handle almost any sort of combat situation thrown at me; be it one-on-one, an entire horde of foes, a frontal assault, or an attack aimed at me from all sides.

Furthermore, as I tend to do with my fighting styles, I also attempt to combine aspects of Earth Resonance with my other skills; be they Blazing Fist Style, airbending, Fishman Karate and Jujutsu, Gavel Jutsu or my Devil Fruit powers. This further increases the amount of attacking, defending and practical uses I can rely upon when necessary, such as combining the fiery powers of Blazing Fist with Earth Resonance to allow me to make use of lava.

Below is a list of spells and fighting techniques I've personally created and developed for my use of Earth Resonance. When it comes to naming these spells, I follow a pattern of naming them after prehistoric creatures or archaeological finds (Ancient Armory and Ancient Ally,) what they symbolize or stand for (Tenchi Formation,) or what they actually are in some aspect (Dry Dagger, Dry Drill, Dry Wall, etc.) I sometimes even name my spells after puns (Dry Spell.) Altogether, these spells are:

  • Ancient Armory (古期武庫 Koki Buko):
  • Ancient Ally (古期味方 Koki Mikata):
    • Ancient Ally: Mammoth Mode (古期味方: マンモスモード Koki Mikata: Manmosu Mo-do):
      • Ancient Ally: Ganesha Mode (古期味方: ガネーシャモード Koki Mikata: Ganēsha Mo-do):
  • Tenchi Formation (天地誕生 Tenchi Tanjou, literally meaning "Heaven and Earth Formation"):
  • Dry Wall (石壁 Ishikabe, literally meaning "Dry Wall" or "Stone Wall"):
  • Dry Dagger (ドライ刀剣 Dorai Touken):
    • Dry Drill (ドライドリル Dorai Doriru):
  • Dry Spell (干ばつ Kanbatsu, literally meaning "Drought" or "Long Spell/Period of Dry Weather"):
  • Flying Carpet (魔法のじゅうたん Mahou no Juutan):
  • Subway (地下 Chika, literally meaning "Underground," "Below Ground" or "Subway"):

Steam Kenpo

Kage Kage no Mi

How I seemingly achieved eating Gekko Moriah's Devil Fruit without killing him has been left unexplained by yours truly because I just don't bother justifying my reasons for stuff on chat half the time. :P The reason why I ate it however is simple; years ago, MJ and I were discussing how I bought a Luffy style straw hat back at Connecticon (also the first anime con I ever visited too,) and in our humorous conversation, he began treating me as if I was Luffy, with things like "now go and become Pirate King" and "I believe in you, captain!" In short, this ended up with us becoming the founders for what we now call the Omega Pirates, named after the 2nd half of my username, Wyvern 0m3g4 (AKA Omega for you laymen.) Like many other powers I've given myself, and after much thought into the matter, I felt if I were to ever have a Devil Fruit power of my own choosing, it'd have to be the Kage Kage no Mi because its powers seem well suited to my personal strengths. And well, the rest is history, especially since I got carried away with having fun in developing ways of how to use this power without making zombies.

Under ordinary circumstances, I typically use my Devil Fruit powers in one of two ways that best suit my manner of fighting: One is getting up close and personal with punches, kicks and so on, and so I make heavy use of the Shadow Revolution technique to alter my body's proportions in a similar way to how Moriah altered Oars' body so that it could imitate the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. That way, I can use the same techniques as Monkey D. Luffy himself with little effort, albeit without the rubber characteristics he possesses. Besides, it seems fitting for a pirate captain wearing a straw hat to stretch his punches and such, no? The second method involves mid to long range combat via what I like to refer to as my Shadow Puppets, which are simply various constructs crafted from my own shadow which serve a variety of purposes. And while I very rarely do this as I am normally against manipulating other people (unless given permission first,) I have sometimes resorted to controlling the shadows of others to help me in a fight. Although I never steal shadows, as that goes against my moral principles.

Likewise, I also have a tendency to use my Doppelman and Shadow Puppets for transportation purposes; such as infiltrating a place by slipping my shadow under anything that it can possibly pass through, such as walls or under windows, reforming it from the other side, and then switching places with my Doppelman so I can enter restricted areas without using the obvious front and back doors. Additionally, it makes for a great pseudo-Logia defense, as Moriah has shown, since I can quickly switch places with my Doppelman the minute I get hit, thus causing my shadow damage whilst I remain unharmed at a distance. However, this ability can only go so far, as I've discovered my shadow, which is still an extension of my own soul, can be affected by things such as Haoshoku Haki, which can not only disperse my shadow, but even knock me unconscious no matter what range the opponent's Haki was released from. I'm, well, not really sure how to defend against this just yet, but I'm trying to work out a counter against soul and will related attacks.

On a different note, much like any other fighting style I pick up, I like to try and implement my Kage Kage no Mi into my other styles to make for even more powerful and effective combination styles. Given the flexibility and wide uses of options my Devil Fruit provides, I can slip it into almost any of the other styles to further enhance my attacks. +_+

Below is the usual list of known techniques I've created, developed and named. For the most part, I add "shadow" to an attack's name for obvious reasons, but just as likely is seeing "Black" added before an attack's name too. Inspired by Moriah's Black Box technique and its name, I add Black to an attack's name to denote the color of a shadow and because I simply like how it makes an attack name sound. Below, they are as follows:

  • Shadow Revolution: Shadow Boxing:
    • Black Pistol:
      • Black Jet Pistol:
      • Black Giant Pistol:
      • Black Z Pistol:
    • Black Whip:
      • Black Jet Whip:
      • Black Giant Whip:
      • Black Hawk Whip:
    • Black Gatling:
      • Black Jet Gatling:
      • Black Giant Gatling:
      • Black Hawk Gatling:
      • Black Elephant Gatling:
    • Black Bazooka:
      • Black Jet Bazooka:
      • Black Giant Bazooka:
      • Black Eagle Bazooka:
      • Black Grizzly Magnum:
    • Black Bullet:
      • Black Jet Bullet:
      • Black Giant Bullet:
      • Black Red Hawk:
      • Black Elephant Gun:
    • Black Rifle:
      • Black Jet Rifle:
      • Black Giant Rifle:
      • Black Hawk Rifle:
    • Black Stamp:
      • Black Jet Stamp:
      • Black Giant Stamp:
    • Black Kong Gun:
      • Black King Kong Gun:
    • Black Rhino Schneider:
    • Black Culverin:
    • Black Leo Bazooka:
      • Black Leo Rex Bazooka:
  • Shadow Puppet:
    • Orochi Formation:
    • Dragon:
    • Kraken Formation:
  • Doppelman:
  • Black World:

"Nightwyrm" is a name coined by none other than Powerhosue411 himself after hearing of its usage by me. The name seems to combine the phrase "nightmare" with "wyrm," which is an armless and legless dragon (essentially a dragon that resembles a snake.) I liked the name enough that I adopted it for this particular usage of the Kage Kage no Mi.

Now despite the grandiose name and all, it's really just a redesigned version of Moriah's Shadow's Asgard technique that he used against the Straw Hat Pirates at Thriller Bark. Therefore, it acts in very much the same manner, with me drawing in and absorbing all nearby shadows (usually through willing donations) and using them to amplify my body to tremendous proportions. Depending on how many shadows I ingest, my form may change slightly, or in cases where I have taken 1000 or more shadows, I may become a massive monster, appearing more like a living incarnation of Oars himself. The first time I attempted this, I was a bit drunk with power and stole the shadows of the chat residents; using about 1000+ shadows to fuel myself and thus taking on my Oars-like form as Nightwyrm. However, the results were disastrous for everyone on chat, as I couldn't control having so many different personalities inside me at once, never mind dealing with all of them having a bone to pick with me and the other Chat Lords as well as wrestling for dominance over my body. As a result, I went on a blind rampage and attacked friend and foe until FD's brave actions dispelled my Nightwyrm form and returned me to normal. After that, I have hardly, if ever, dared to use Nightwyrm that drastically again.

In the Nightwyrm state, my physical attributes are greatly boosted, and if my form changes just enough, my reach and the distance I can travel can be increased thanks to a boost in height. When used in conjunction with my usual Kage Kage no Mi attacks, the Nightwyrm transformation can truly become a living nightmare for my foes.

Song Repertoire

This is merely a collection of songs I have either rewrote lyrics for, or invented from scratch completely. They're mostly sung whenever I'm in a singing mood, obviously.

Wyvern 0m3g4's Personal Theme Song (AKA Flame)

This is a song I rewrote some lyrics for, in order to better suit myself as an individual. It revolves around myself and paints me in more of a heroic light. It's also currently one of my favorites. The original song's source can be found here, and it's sung to the same tune as the original.


W-Y-V-E-R-N Wyvern 0-m3g4! W-Y-V-E-R-N Wyvern 0-m3g4!

Two blue eyes, with opened sight, a double determination in the fists. And then... White sarashi of truth around the waist, bearing the will of my sensei's ambition on the back; 50" tall gavel!

Shredding the atmosphere of unrest, you appear; for the world, for everyone, gentle man, burst into flames! Inside the body, an indomitable spirit, swirling up. With raging fist, make injustice pay! Released gavel inhaling the dark, revealing the light! Spreeeeaaading hope, Wyvern 0m3g4 has arrived!

W-Y-V-E-R-N Wyvern 0-m3g4! W-Y-V-E-R-N Wyvern 0-m3g4!

The world is now dominated by chaos, in dark places, evil usually roams. The shadow...! A mechanism of regulations speaks hypocrisy; that's where my depraved, twisted enemies lurk, the government!

Clenching onto our past, your beauty is the heavens; for kinship, for peace, change rage into courage! Unleash the sorrow of that day with both hands! No one can stop this piercing weapon! To destroy crime, secret technique: Heaven's Wrath! Shining lightning of true justice! Wyvern 0m3g4 has arrived!

Fighting many battles, wounded and exhausted, even collapsing... Until the heart stops, can't lose, can't rot, can't be crushed! Someone calling out for help, screaming aloud!

Fly like a phoenix! Start running like a heavenly messenger! More than all else; faster! Stronger! Ennnduraaaaance!

You're beautiful still, grieving, tears being shed... With that thought, decided! Return their smiling face!! Quicker than the wind! Gentler than a forest! Hotterrr thaaan fire! Higher than the mountains! Blazing crimson flame! It's called Searing Soul!! Love is carried out honestly! Wyvern 0m3g4 has arrived!

W-Y-V-E-R-N Wyvern 0-m3g4! W-Y-V-E-R-N Wyvern 0-m3g4!

Pawaakingu's Theme Song

A joke song I made up for a gag character developed by my friend and fellow user, Powerhouse411, which was inspired by me; Pawaakingu (Power King.) As this song was inspired by the Sogeking (Sniper King) theme song, it's also sung in the same tune as the original song.


On the island of Nal-mosiq, he was born! One hundred plans, one hundred wins! Lu lu la la luuu. Even in a warzone, fight on! Even in your heart, FIGHT OOOONNNN! The man who came from the island of Nal-mosiq, lu lu lu, lu lu la laaaa. Never give up nooooww! Pawaa-waa-waa Pawaa Pawaa; Paaawaakiiiinnngguuuuu!

Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go (Like Nothing Before or After)

This song was created shortly after coming to enjoy the opening credits song for the Majin Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Kai, Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go (Like Nothing Before or After.) Obviously, this too is a song I altered the lyrics of, in order to fit what I had in mind at the time. It's used as my non-canon opening for the Reunion Saga of One Dream, so references towards Dragon Ball were changed to try and reflect the One Piece universe a bit more instead. The original video where I came to discover Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go can be found here.

Likewise, this is the page where I found and memorized the English translations of the lyrics.


Wanna compare our epic journeys? (Kai!)

Wanna shout over whose dream is huger? (Kai!)

Face off! Your mightiest rival is yourself!

The blood rushing through my veins seethes into fire. My excitement and power are at their max.

If we can wrench open the rusted door to the future; then let history call it a "miracle."

Whenever I was hurt, I was able to get stronger. That's why kindness isn't weakness!

Step on Mr. Limits and jump!

Embrace Miss Despair and dance!

Gorgeous! Revival is just within my grasp now, I can feel it!

Wanna compare our epic journeys? (Kai!)

Wanna shout over whose dream is huger? (Kai!)

Face off! The future will be an astounding spectacle~! Like nothing before or after!


  • While listening to Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go, I had some fun in trying to imagine an original animated opening sequence to go along with the song. Currently, it goes as follows for the time being:
    • I decided to associate a section of lyrics to each main protagonist of One Dream; Jolly D. Chris, Ika, Blade D. Kris and Dieu-le-Veut Veronica.
      • The lyrics, "the blood rushing through my veins seethes into fire" had me thinking of Kris, due to her red hair and tendency to follow Galaxy's doctrine of "True Manliness".
      • "My excitement and power are at their max" was associated with Chris, given his childish attitude, emotional behavior and fun loving nature.
      • "If we can wrench open the rusted door to the future" had me thinking of Ika. Mostly due to his thoughtful, serious disposition.
      • And finally, "then let history call it a "miracle" " was mostly due to a gut feeling I had, which told me it'd be best suited for Veronica. That, and because the other three sections were used up.
    • Additionally, two other lines were dedicated to One Dream's heroes.
      • "Step on Mr. Limits and jump" had me thinking of Chris and Ika together, as they're the two masculine protagonists of the story.
      • "Embrace Miss Despair and dance" likewise made me think of Kris and Veronica, given they're the two feminine protagonists of One Dream.

110 Million Memories / Memories are Worth 110 Million

There are days when I get bummed out and depressed and just feel absolutely miserable, and this song generally sums up one of the many things that plagues me these days. Originally sung by the very awesome JAM Project, Omoide wa Okkusenman / 110 Million Memories is essentially a song done to a remix of the very catchy Wily's Castle 2 stage theme from Mega Man 2, with lyrics that at their heart, amount to "childhood was the best and growing up sucks. Now that I'm an adult, things will never be the same and it's made me miserable." I swear, this song fits me like a glove, as that's been my life's struggle ever since I was aware of growing up and changing.

To avoid a lengthy rant about my feelings and world view, I'll just cut to the chase now. This song is sung to the same tune used by JAM Project, as can be found here.

Disclaimer: I find this to be a VERY depressing song, so if you don't want to feel like total crap and give into despair, avoid this song at all costs. You have been warned.

Original and translated lyrics can be found here. Lyrics have been altered to more closely fit the childhood I enjoyed and to reflect my own interests and personality.


I've done this when I was a kid. It's a faded memory, a black cap with creatures on it.

Pokémon! Pokémon! Catch 'em!

When I was a kid, a fond memory; when I was eating pizza and stuff, I'd pick the cheese off with my hands.

Pokémon! Pokémon! Catch 'em!

But now I've forgotten all that, and I'm living each day like I'm being chased by something.

Even if I look back, I can't go back to those times anymore.

Pokémon! Pokémon! Catch 'em!

Where are those guys now? What are they doing?

The answer is still unclear.

But now I've forgotten all that, and I'm living each day like I'm being chased by something.

The courage you gave me is 110 Million! 110 Million!

The seasons that have passed were dramatic.

I've done this when I was a kid; playing games with my friends, and playing throughout the night.

Pokémon! Pokémon! Catch 'em!

Memories we've forgotten as we grew up revive vividly; going past old locations.

Pokémon! Pokémon! Catch 'em!

But now I've forgotten all that, and I'm living each day like I'm being chased by something.

Even if I look back, I can't go back to those times anymore.

Pokémon! Pokémon! Catch 'em!

Now I just look back to those times; I was able to laugh innocently, unaware of impure things.

But now I've forgotten all that, and I'm living each day like I'm being chased by something.

The scenery I've overlooked was 110 Million! 110 Million!

The seasons that have passed were graffiti.


The courage you gave me is 110 Million! 110 Million!

The seasons that have passed were dramatic.


Some of the lyrics may be a bit too ambiguous and vague to fully understand, and so I've detailed what their hidden meanings are:

  • "Black cap with creatures on it" refers to my favorite Pokémon hat I wore a lot as a kid. It was a black cap with the Pokémon logo written on the front, with images of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle; these being the "creatures."
  • "And I'm living each day like I'm being chased by something" seems to be referring to mortality, as dark as it may sound. This being a pretty cynical song and all, it makes sense that this line would refer to something along the lines of "now all I can do is wait for death to come and take me; even if it scares me."
  • "Even if I look back, I can't go back to those times anymore" was accompanied by notes in parenthesis in the link I provided to the original and translated lyrics.
    • The first instance of this line seems to be referring to looking at old photos and remembering all the crazy, stupid and fun stuff the singer and his friends would do as kids. Heavily implying that the good times are now over. Thus, "where are they now? What are they up to? The answer is still unclear" plays off of this, as it implies the singer and friends are no longer in touch.
      • This too plays up on my relationships with old childhood friends. The friends I made in my youth and I hardly ever see each other anymore, so I do often wonder where they are, what they're doing and so on. I miss them all very, very much.
      • Not only that, but I do have wonderful photos my parents took of my brother and me when we were little. Some with friends, some with family, and some only of us. Looking at them does indeed make my heart ache every now and again.
    • The second line then goes over looking through a faded, aged diary and recalling the first crush the singer ever had. While I have no diary to speak of, I do tend to remember how I had a crush on a classmate in Kindergarten; though I've moved on from that now. Still though, it's a precious memory of my younger days.
  • "The courage you gave me is 110 Million!" Personally, this means a lot to me, since it makes me think of my dad and what he did for me on the night of my 12th birthday. To summarize, as I was dreading and crying my eyes out over becoming 13, as I realized it officially marked the end of childhood and the onset on adolescence. My father was kind, loving, wise and thoughtful enough to come and console me. He gave me priceless pearls of wisdom; of how I can keep a spirit of youthfulness within me. A healthy inner child to keep me going, so I never have to feel old and grown up if I don't want to. In a way, my dad gave me the courage and strength to live each day from then on out, even despite the fear of growing up and changing who I was as a result. It's something I still live by, even when I'm in the midst of my misery.
  • "Playing games with my friends" can refer to playing make-believe games (such as enacting what we'd be like in our favorite TV shows and video games,) playing board games, sports or other game-like activities, or my personal favorite, playing video games together. "And playing throughout the night" regards sleepovers I'd have with friends and cousins, and how my brother, friends, cousins and I would all try to stay awake as long as we could and continue playing together.

We Are! (7/9 Straw Hats Version)

On a much cheerier note, this is something I've been playing with ever since I first heard this rendition of We Are from the Enies Lobby arc. In a turn of events, this song is NOT rewritten from the translation I saw a few years back, making it the only known song here to not be rewritten at all. Instead, I've changed something else about it. At some point back when I still somewhat new to Ship of Fools, I would sometimes listen to this and instead of imagining the Straw Hats singing the song, I'd actually imagine The Jolly Pirates singing it. So this is that very version of We Are's Straw Hat remix. Cuz who doesn't think about their fanon characters on an often basis, right?

So here's how this goes down: The song itself remains mostly unchanged, with the lyrics taken from FUNimation's English dub of the song, and MidiGuyFDdp21's English fandub cover of the song on Youtube. All credit for the lyrics seen here go to FUNimation and him. However, this also takes inspiration from a version of this fandub done by another Youtube user known as donniegirl12, who not only sung in character as Luffy and Nami alongside her fellow singers as the rest of the Straw Hat crew, but even altered the opening narration for the sake of originality (which I greatly enjoy.) Therefore, I felt it'd be fun to have the Jollys recite the same dialogue spoken in donniegirl12's narration.

MidiGuyFDdp21's English cover of FUNimation's dub for the song can be found here.

donniegirl21's English fandub of the 7 Straw Hat version of the song, alongside her fellow singers can be found here.

(Quick note: The choices I made for which Jolly Pirate replaces which Straw Hat pirate were made in order to properly imitate the vocal tone each Jolly Pirate possesses, or in some cases, to better reflect their personality or role among the crew, such as Aphro's perversion being similar to Sanji's, and Glory and Nami both being navigators.)

Monkey D. Luffy is switched with Jolly D. Chris

Roronoa Zoro is switched with Spike

Nami is switched with Rose Glory

Usopp is switched with Wyatt

Sanji is switched with X Aphro (Male Form)

Tony Tony Chopper is switched with Mut Mizu

Nico Robin is switched with Dracule Sakura

Franky is switched with Timber

Brook is switched with Drazil

Hanuman and Chiyome Lys are absent from the song due to poor speaking skills (Hanuman) and due to anti-social behavior (Lys.)


Chris, Spike, Glory, Wyatt, Male Aphro, Mizu, Sakura, Timber and Drazil: Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger, the King of the Pirates, obtained this and everything else the world had to offer; and his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.

Chris: Now, how does it go again?

Glory: Chris!! You idiot! [punches Chris]

Chris: Ow!! Oh, Glory! Come on! That hurt!

Spike: You moron! You were meant to wait!

(Male) Aphro: Oh Ms. Glory~! You're so sexy when you're angry~! Aaaaahhh~! <3

Wyatt: Now, now, come on. Calm down, guys.

Sakura: I think we're meant to continue?

Mizu: Sakura's right.

Everyone: These words lured men to the Grand Line in pursuit of dreams greater than they have ever dared to imagine. This is the time known as the Great Pirate Era!

Chris: Yeah!!

Everyone: Come aboard and bring aloooong all your hopes and dreeeaaams. Together we will find everything that we're looking foooor... One Piece!

Glory: Compass left behind, it'll only slow us down. Your heart will be your guide; raise the sails and take the helm.

Mizu and Sakura: That legendary place that the end of the map reveals, is only legendary till someone proves it real.

Chris: Through it all, through all the troubled times, through the heartache and through the pain; know that I will be there to stand by yoooouu! Just like I know you'll stand by me!

Everyone: So come aboard and bring aloooong all your hopes and dreeeaaams. Together we will find everything that we're looking foooor. There's always room for you, if you wanna be my friend! We Are, We Are, on the cruuuiiise! We Are!

Spike and Timber: Some may know what's best, that is something I'll concede. But I won't second guess when it's time to take the lead.

(Male) Aphro and Drazil: If we should meet again, I will tell you how I am. All the places that I've been to, and the stops I now have planned.

Wyatt: We may find that danger's all around with our backs up against the wall. But I see a golden opportunityyy, to prove that we will never fall!

Everyone: Set a course, full speed aheeeaaad, through the darkest niiight! We're all together and treasure is not what we're looking foooor!

Chris: An epic time's at hand, if you wanna be my friend!

Everyone: We Are, We Are, on the cruuuuiiiise! We Are! So come aboard and bring aloooong all your hopes and dreeeaaams. Together we will find everything that we're looking foooor. There's always room for you, if you wanna be my friend! We Are, We Are, on the cruuuuiiiise! We Are! We Are!

Chris: We Are!