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Sannse @fandom

HI MJ : how about u start inviting everyone !Roranoa zoro 00:30, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

Some bugs? Edit

Hey man, I think the number of pages on the wikia is a bit messed up as is the number of edits made, it doesn't seem to refresh/update per edit. Just wanted to let you know.

Btw: why did you give Marcus Brute a bounty? I thought we were going to wait with that XD Pandawarrior 14:12, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

Hi , are u online ?Roranoa zoro 12:16, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

My new sign :Roranoa zoro {^_*} 13:51, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

wackyest Edit

i don't get it?nanii?


What exactly does that position entail? But yeah sure, you can make me an admin XD

Ok, cool...but maybe we should make a vote, so this doesn't become a dictatorship? Pandawarrior 12:07, February 22, 2011 (UTC)


actually i want some tempelates for my introduction page and i find deficient over here so plz can you do somethingStone Roger



we need some helpEdit

actually,we the zoro fans are building up zoro wiki and I need you to help us little,so we complete our site project fast

so plzzz.... help zoro wiki in edits:

visit us here it is:

chapter 20 is out. Edit

hope u like!/Ships_of_Fools_Chapter_20:Subarashii_story.Awesome! 00:10, April 7, 2011 (UTC)


Message sent through bot,so if you are a staff member,please bear me as I did not find a way to exclude you.Thanks.

Click "Add a page" and you see something called"Pirate crew",click it and enter the page name and "add page".

You'll be taken to another page,save/preview it:You'll see the default layout ...just fill 'em out.

If you like the idea,tell me and I'll create 'em for "Pirate","Ship","Location",etc.

If you dont like it,do tell me and I'll try to improve it.

Another thing:Mark the page for deletion if you've created it for a test:)

Thanks:)--Roranoa......Roranoa zoro *(

11:27, May 21, 2011 (UTC)


The cake is a lie!!!!! Bitch!!

The Maine Election is over but too many users applied for the position of admiral! Plese vote for the user who you think can improve this SOF wiki for users like you!!! and help you along the way!!!



Message sent through bot

Your vote is expected hereUser_blog:FoolishMortalFOOL/ORGANIZATION_IS_NOW_ACTIVE_but..... Thanks:)--The WG-CinC!

SOF wiki requires your presence at the Celebration blog afterwards....there will be cake for real.... Edit

KIDDING...please read whole message!!!

.actually we need you to VOTE for another user for admiral..

You had vote for one but since some users ask more ofr the ability to vote for one,

NOW YOU CAN VOTE FOR ONE MORE USER FOR ADMIRAL but....the another one than the one you already voted for...

Please cast your other vote by REPLYING!!! to your comment that you had cast your 1st vote in

Here's the link!! if you dare....btw, I told Luffy you stole his meat.....


New MessageEdit

Message sent through bot

Your vote is expectedhere.

WG CinC!!


Regarding your block on me from the chat was immature and also senseless since I can revert it anyway...but this also means misuse of crat status...pls make sure you wont do such a thing again:)--Ŕòŕäņòǎ•-•Žôŗõ

10:06, July 2, 2011 (UTC)


Yo..are you the one who made some users chat mods?..If yes please tell me:)Ŕòŕäņòǎ•-•Žôŗõ


I'll be waiting for a vaild explaintion IAMDARTHREVAN







{{SUBST:User:Monkey.D.Me/Signature}} 19:01, September 6, 2011 (UTC)




{{SUBST:User:Monkey.D.Me/Signature}} 18:19, September 7, 2011 (UTC)

HELL YA!!!! Edit





{{SUBST:User:Monkey.D.Me/Signature}} 21:52, September 7, 2011 (UTC)


Yo MJ! This is FA! Regarding about what we talked about in chat, you said to have a Marine Election starting in October. To tell you the truth, I have to agree with that b/c it makes things more fair to everyone.

So you had anything in mind on how the election works or do you want me to handle it?

Like how only Vice Admirals can be promoted to Admiral and then only Admirals be promoted to Fleet Admiral. or anyone can apply for any position/


Pretty much, Gorosei (You b/c you created this wiki)> CinC > FA > Admiral (3) > Vice Admirals (5) > Other users

I suppose that the Admirals should all become chatmods and rollbacks so they can help maintain the wiki more.

As for Vice Admirals, I don't think we need them to have any special privileges as we can't have too many chat mods and rollbacks.

As for Fleet Admiral, well, I'm the current FA. The new FA should be admin.

As for the CinC, I talked to Roronoa zoro and he replied that he is not active in this wiki anymore and won't be participating in the election. So what shall we do about the CinC position? Since CinC is above FA, maybe the CinC have bureaucrat status?

And yes, your new sig looks awesome and smexy. Hmmmm, Smexy? You watch YGOAS too (Yugioh abridged)?

MugiwaraBaka copyFoolishMortalFOOL 18:28, September 18, 2011 (UTC)

YOOOO!!!!!!! Edit

Thank you, MJ-dono!!! for bestowing with this epic power!! Also, thank you for settling the Marine Election. I shall not put your generosity in vain! Gorosei!!

MugiwaraBaka copyFoolishMortalFOOL 20:48, October 16, 2011 (UTC)

Chat emote Edit

Yo MJ! Since I was on vacation (still on vaca), you made chat emotes for some users and right now I have 2 important questions!! DON!! What the hell is my emote suppose to be? XD And why is mine and FMF's emote the same? Also, love MDM and Gal's emote ;) User:Generalzer0/SigCurrent 06:22, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

Hey MJ! Can please change my emote to this gif?

Thanks and have a happy new year!

FoolishMortalFOOL 06:45, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

Manlyness!! Edit


I read the entire thing and was moved!!! T~T OUR MANLY FOUNDER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

If you need any help around let me know ;D We missed you buddy!! BTW THE FOURTH GENERATION YONKOU are now up for nominations!! CHECK OUT THE BLOG!!!! and make nominations ;D

It'll be good to see more of you again!

Skyline Flag1NF3RNO   talk  Skyline Flag 00:38, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

Admin Rights? Edit

Yo MJ, I noticed that you made Jakyou an admin . . .

Can I ask why?

Because we only really have new Admins if the community decides it. And not to mention there are other user's who have been here longer and done far more than Jakyou to become an Admin . . .

So yeah . . . I was messaging you to ask Why? And can he be de admined please.

Thats all ^-^

Skyline Flag1NF3RNO   talk  Skyline Flag 11:13, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

Mj, I have a problem, I can come on chat, but I can't say anything.... do you know why by any chance? Sup, Lix is here!!!!! Talk to me at Talk 21:57, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

From SwimEdit

Yo MJ, Dj here. Swim told you to live him a mesage on his talk page. User:Djolee5

Hey MJ i was wondering, do you have a picture that looks like Veni vidi vici- the rings hing? so i can put it in the turn, next to my Mugen Ten ? Swimswimfruit 19:00, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

Joke that results no *laugh* is not a joke. Edit

Yo MJ, MDM here.

.. what did chicken cross the road? or why did 2 Jews enter a bar? .. you know what .. just tell me why are blonds dumb? are these jokes making you laugh or making me look like complete idiot? cause these are not jokes .. they are my question to your sense of humor.

what is this joke that you feel ">_> It's not funny anymore" or "This joke is just starting to piss me of now..." .. and "And I'm not even sorry for swearing..." .. this is not you .. well you are never same .. your mood and soul changes with season >_> .. now will you explain me which joke id offending you so much? And let me tell you before you jump the bridge, I DID NOT LINK GRIM TO THIS WIKI. I did now. she may have found it from your profile page or someone else might have told her but it was not me. Now even if someone did link her this wiki .. whats the crime in it? You don't like Grim-chan coming to your wiki? .. tell me now and I will convenience her to never come to this wiki. Thou I don't really know your reason or your joke behind this behavior .. but I can't really force you to get along with someone you might hold hate for. I hold hate for calu, and no one understand my reason yet you guys don't try to bend my will either. So I won't try to force you to bend your decision or anything but just like you guys did, I will ask for the reason for this hate toward Grim-chan. Or you don't like me joking around at all. Do you want me to never show my face on this wiki or anywhere around you? Tell me now and everything clear. Don't expect me to understand whats going in your head all the time, .. your actions are really un-predictible ever since you left Op wiki. I won't even ask you to come back or force you with emotional torture which I am perfectly capable of doing. I just want reason and a peek inside your brain that has been thinking these selfish thoughts for past few weeks. Just tell me whats your intention after this acts and I won't bother you ever. I will forget that I had a friend or had a account on this wiki. cause I agreed to stay in dark about everything.

So I will expect a honest and straight-forward reply from you. If you can't give it as MJ then reply as Founder/Admin of One Piece: Ship of Fool, Marcus Junior. People on this wiki look up to you, don't mislead them.

More or less friend/ mere SOF member Monkey.D.Me 20:08, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

writing" weird titles can get you lemons, fresh ones .. Edit

ooookkkkkkkkk .. .. ..

"=_= and then I suddenly start seeing you pedoing on her too, it's getting on my nerves >_<"

"And then you proceed to doing so in FT chat after I told you to stop has made me skeptical towards anything grimmy and MDM related!"

"just don't pedo around her and don't mention grimmy and me in the same sentence =_= or else I'll seriously think of doing something hasty"

"And to paraphrase it, MDM >_< just stop pedoing, if you stopped great ^^"




DAFUQ DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?? REM?? ST?? IH?? Chuck Norris?? .. what do you mean I pedo around Grim? Is it wrong for a guy to finally find a faithful and awesome sister just like Caring and OBB after so long and give her equal amount of love to what she is giving him?? She hugs me every time we meet, what do you want me to do? move out of the way and give her cold-shoulder? She always looks at me as her brother, what do you want me to do? ignore her and become the next Drunk Samurai?? You know that after "calu" incident I stopped believing in this whole sister bond thing. But here I go to FT chat and this really cute and caring girl just run up to me (even-thou I am complete stranger to her) .. and she gives me a hug (which no sister has ever done to me except Caring) .. and plus she cares and supports me with her everything. The faith I lost after calu thingy was revived by this little girl and I actually started socialization with rest of the womankind on the wiki whom I was ignoring during that time. I don't care what she thinks of me, her brother, her best-friend or even her "man" >_> but if she is offering me such bond then damn right I will accept it and treasure it. And how can you call it being pedo? do I talk about her chest size? do I say things about her that can make her feel uncomfortable? so you see me acting physical around her in like IH does? I just give what I get, hug to hug and care to care. If you call that being pedo then hell I am pedo.

"If I left OP was to escape the suffocating air I had there...>_> everyone out of nowhere seemingly became so jerkish or even more pathetic, it just doesn't have that magic it used to have T_T"

you are not the only one who thinks that MJ, why do you think I go to FT wiki so often? People of OP have become really cold-to-core and the cheerfulness that once we had is no where to be found. and not just guys but girls as well so I also decided to move somewhere where I can share my fun times with someone who can understand and join instead of just troll it.

so hang in there, you are not the only one on this "unfair" boat >_> you, me, marimo, niji and swim are in same dilemma. Still good luck on you finding your inner peace and I apologize but I won't stop being Grim's brother unless she breaks the bond herself. Look at my and her relationship as a brother or sister or even as best friends .. nothing more and nothing less. I don't want to burn myself again by going too close to this sisterhood as I did in past. I like it where I am and I like to maintain it. For marimo it was one betrayal after another that got him in such emo-thinking but I warned him before to not expect so much. Saying I love you on a girl's talk page everyday does not make you romeo, it makes you secret "creepy uncle" .. well thats at least what IH would have told Alpha >_>

SO I don't expect love from everybody but I do want to return the love to ones who give it without any selfish means. .. .. selfish people .. I am sure you know who I am talking about =_= .. lets not fall for that again >_>

SO yea, guess what? I am not pedo =_= .. not here I some lemons and see you around >_>

Monkey.D.Me 01:30, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

Pwned SeaTerror 20:15, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

I see...Edit

And out of everyone in FT chat grimmy is like the only one that I wouldn't mind at all coming here, but when she came on earlier Marimo pulled another one of those and started not giving a fuck about grimmy at all =_= marimo if you see this, STOP FUCKING PMING AND WHINING ABOUT YOUR SISTERS! IT'S GETTING WAY TOO FUCKING ANNOYING LATELY!!!! >_> so please stop, please I don't want to hear you complaining on how your womanizer ways failed on you by not making a new sister or a one previously made started ignoring you, it just saddens me to see someone to lucky complaining so much T_T...

MJ, you realize how much you fucking pissed me off with that shit?First of all, I am glad you finally tell me that I cant talk with you about my problems, I was sure you are not a true friend for some time, but now you really confirmed it to me.If you ever have a problem, suck it up and live with it, dont come to me to talk about it with me from now on, understood?

Secondly, womanizer ways?Do you really think I flirted with Grimmy?Are you retarded?Wait dont answer that, I already know the answer.I am never going to flirt with a 13 years old girl, thats why I never flirted with Calu, Red, Cath or Grimmy.Oh and if you didnt know, I stopped flirting on chat after the incident with Serena since I didnt want something like that to happen again, falling in love with a person you will most probably never meet is fucking wrong.

And about Grimmy, its my own damn problem what I do in her case.You wont be able to change my mind, you know that very well.I hate to be told by someone I dont trust you thats the clear sign that I cant be a friend of that person.She chose to not have me as her friend, good, I am moving on, its not a big deal since I didnt got that attached to her yet.

If you would know how damn disappointed I am right now...

And an important part, you have no idea what life fucking is MJ.I got a few GFs before, thats why you say I am lucky?You think life is only love and sex?Interesting view of life...I wonder how far you will go thinking like that.If you didnt know, my life is not a great one and is not going pretty well right now.But yeah, in your mind, if I make a GF right now means that all the other shit that happens in my life wont count any more.

Oh well...I guess I said all I had to is really over, everything, once more you made me ask myself if you really are a friend and this time I am sure of my decision, good luck in your life and so on MJ, I wont ever bother you with my PMs again, I wont ever talk with you at all.I will probably remain polite and greet you when you enter on a chat, but that would be all.And I am not going to run from my problems any more, you are going to see me almost every day on SoF and on the other wikis.If you ever have a problem with me, you are the founder of the wiki, you can ban me whenever you want.


For the one who linked her hereEdit

I was the one that linked her here ages ago, I think it was about a month ago, I just linked the whole FT chat to SOF, but only a few people were there. I don't see a problem with linking people to other wikis. And I heard you want to kill the bastard who did this, but yeah, COME AT ME BRO!

Yeah, you should probably get over this or get out. I don't want to see such stupid things happening here, go take them to another wiki's talks since it's not welcome to SOF and you know it. {{SUBST:User:Ricizubi/Sign|8:49/26/Jun/2012}}

The Empire of Ahous has once again shaken .. reason? Women. MJ and Marimo, as a friend or as idiot who has flirted with both of your EXs .. I would like to request a work with you both at once. I just want your agreement and I will decide the place since according to Rici, resolving personal conflicts or clearing the facts is not allowed on SOF >_> .. wow, this place has changed alot. So yea, please cooperate with me if I ask you to come with me to certain chat. Please.

Monkey.D.Me 19:29, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

{{SUBST:User:Imhungry4444/Sig|22:05/26/Jun/2012}} 22:05, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

MJ... Edit

As the artist said, "one thousand words indeed." I'm not sure how I can convey just what that meant to me, but i'll try nonetheless. You see, as I read that, it struck a chord in me like nothing else i've felt in weeks, possibly months. It felt so personal to me, as what the artist did for the girl is something similiar to not only Chris' dream, but my own (thus, the inspiration for Chris' dream in the first place.) I might sound calm, cool, and collected right now, but i'm actually shaking a little from the emotions that are pouring out of me as I write this response. It was just so beautiful, and, well... I don't think i've wept so much in my heart as I did just now, ever since the Going Merry was given a viking funeral, or when Ussop rejoined the Straw Hats, or even when Ace died... Actually, pick any heart-moving moment in One Piece, and you'll see what I mean. And the music certainly helped. Music can easily move me when combined with just the right scene or story. And you chose one hell of a combo, my friend. I can safely say that I see as true an artist in you as I intended Chris to be. :)

I'd like to ramble on and on some more about art, life, how lucky I am to be your friend, and such, but my mind thinks faster than I can respond to it you see. So after a few seonds of simply purging through it all, i'll start to forget what I was thinking of the next minute. What I can remember is this: I truly saw Chris in that artist, and that was just the icing on the cake for me. He enveloped everything that I wanted to portray through Chris, as far as artistry, and its effects on the world are involved. Of course, I intended to show loyalty, friendship, courage, determination, and a balance between having fun and being serious as well, but I was always concerned that people had easily forgotten that I wanted Chris' artistic profession and sensibilities to be just as recognized as his other attributes. MJ, this meant so much to me. Not just for the wonderful surprise and the beautiful story and music, but for remembering everything I put into the first character I ever created here on Ship of Fools, the wiki you worked hard to make and improve upon. This brings back all the memories I have of working to make Chris where he is today. And I have to say... I'm proud. :) Thank you so much for this surprise of yours, MJ. Even more so, as it was the first thing I noticed when I logged on just a while ago.

As you can see, i'm absolutely blown away and moved so much, that I ended up rambling here. But thank you once more my friend. For seeing just how valuable something like a drawing can be in my eyes, or even just a few minutes of music, or a chapter in a story... All of that and more. It reminds me that I can't give up on my dreams either. I WILL make an entertainer out of myself; be it as a manga-ka, a voice actor, a comedian, a musician, or what have you. So long as I can touch the hearts of people with art itself, then I will feel as if my purpose in life has been met. ^_^ So thank you for reminding me that I still need to achieve that goal in my life. And thanks so much for being such a fan of Jolly D. Chris. To think, I never dared to dream he'd so much as be looked at when I first came here, but now... So many people have enjoyed him, and it was thanks to the effort I put into making him like this... That's what really makes me glad. That my lack of expectations were proven wrong; that people WOULD like him, and WOULD go out of their way to say so.

All in all, while i'd like to joke and say "thanks for reading through all this, since I know it's long," :P ) what i'd truly like to say is, thank you for being such a good friend, MJ. T_T Bless you. You have truly made my day just now, and I doubt i'll ever forget this. Thanks once more, and may the beauty of art strengthen your resolve as well. :)

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 06:54, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

Sunny PicEdit

Can I please get the link of the Thousand Sunny pic you linked in chat yesterday? SeaTerror (talk) 19:07, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

Ready as they can be.Carabe197 (talk) 18:07, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

Chat welcomeEdit

What was the mediawiki page for "Ahoy matey" again? I'm trying to do up Sea's chat, but can't find the right page13th madman (talk) 17:29, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

Come back!!Edit


So come back! Plus, we'll keep bothering you with random gifs until you officially come back >:D {{SUBST:User:Jademing/SigReal}} 02:13, October 4, 2012 (UTC)

joining Edit

i want to join ur wonderfull wiki i have many ideas of devil fruit and crew so plz tell me wht to do.

Chat Edit

Chat's messing with me today. -_-+ If you want to continue, i'll be on chatango. Please pass this message along to everyone else in the chat.

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 22:01, January 22, 2013 (UTC)

Hey, i m new here... got a question.... how to create ur own Character for Pirate Category???  Not Sure if i do it correctly.... Please help  .. Thanks.....

Fatal Fourway! Edit

Greetings Brother~

I have now crossed the 10,000 edit's barrier of this wiki! And as I promised my brothers! I challenge you and the other two to a fight! On a single blog. Here on SOF as a special event celebration for my edit count! Somewhat like the style of OP War wikia, only us four against one another! Have you got the guts and strength to face your brethren in battle once more? Like the good ole days!? 


I will make the blog to summon you three!! May the battle soon commence!

Skyline Flag1NF3RNO   talk  Skyline Jolly Roger 15:40, June 12, 2013 (UTC)


Hey MJ, can you make a really awesome text for me? :P The text is Purgatory Slash and the colors you should use are yellow and white!


Show yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to discuss the cooking. NewWorldWarrior

Boat buttons Edit

13th madman (talk) 04:06, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

you'll have seen them by now. Zoro installed them. My question is, are we keeping them or going back to the old ones?

^made a bunch of other changes too --<

Marcus I'm currently creating a fanon wiki and was wondering how you post the recent changes with auto refresh.The Master of Fire (talk) 19:10, March 15, 2014 (UTC)


Sihaya Edit

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE~!!!!!!!!!!! ...OK, all joking aside. Sure, he can be a member of the Majin tribe. ^_^ I'm flattered you'd have one of your characters be involved with them. Heh, and now that I think about it, this makes it all the crazier that Sihaya and Set look alike, seeing as they're from the same tribe and all.

Out of curiosity, is there a specific caste you'd want Sihaya to come from? If not, I'll just add him under the oh-so-vague "Undetermined Caste."

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 19:37, June 9, 2014 (UTC)

Got'cha. Thanks for the info, MJ.

On a sidenote, I just checked out the ICP. Sounds like an interesting idea. Would it be OK if I made passing reference to it in One Dream? Maybe during the Hanuman Arc, as the Jollys pass through a Calm Belt and come across two guys suffering from a shipwreck.

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 19:56, June 9, 2014 (UTC)

IMD Edit

Hello MJ.

Here it is:

Carabe197 (talk) 15:09, July 14, 2014 (UTC)

Hey MJ, DJ here. I was doing random stuff on computer and then BAM! This came out. So I was hoping maybe you would like it for new wordmark and all, so see ya around.    The Most Awesome DJ Ever | My Talk  My Contribs   20:09, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

Hai Edit

I would like to affiliate a wikia with this one lol please respond Lucy-Duck Quack 01:11, July 31, 2014 (UTC)

OP PW3 Edit

MJ there is news Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame (talk) 15:07, August 28, 2014 (UTC)

About the TrainEdit

Yo! MJ! I wanted to ask about Clara and co and their involvement with The Beautiful Angelica. How exactly do you want to go about this? Back-to-back trade-offs? You write and then I write? Or would you be okay If I wrote your characters as well? Or do you want to write my characters and your characters? Hit me back whenever you can. 8D

Powerhouse411 (talk) 23:12, September 24, 2014 (UTC)

Controlling Essentia Edit

1) Took me a while to process this question, since this is uncharted territory for me. As of now, I'm drawing more inspiration from real life. Say, for example, we take a chimpanzee or a gorilla. Both stand out amongst the animal kingdom, alongside other great apes, for their intelligence. Chimps in particular knowing how to use tools. With that in mind, it could be safe to say they'd have a core to manage essentia with. And in turn, they could probably use sorcery. Meanwhile, other life forms may be more difficult for me to work with, as I can't decide whether they should have cores or not. And even then, do I connect a core with intelligence? Or do all life forms have them from the start? This is going to take a while to figure out for me, so I'll come back to you when I have everything sorted out.

However, I CAN say that there is a great way to ensure plants, fungi, animals and so forth can make use of essentia in various ways. That method is through either sorcery itself, or mechanical modifications, such as cyborgs. Therefore, animal cyborgs, or animal, plant, fungi, inanimate object homunculi (magical artificial intelligence) could become sentient enough, or MORE sentient to an extent where they can willingly control essentia to suit their needs.

And then there's the fact that this is a shounen manga, so I have the freedom to play fast and loose with physics and other realistic principals, such as One Piece does. I could make it possible for trees to have cores, when they aren't all that sentient in real life. Or I could make fictional fungi that thrives off of essentia or something. It really depends on how much I need things like this in my manga, and how far I want to bend the rules of real life to suit my story. But I digress.

2) This is probably the easier question to answer, as I wrote down a clear summary of what it takes to intake and manipulate essentia on the Essentia page on my wiki:

"The way in which sorcerers manipulate essentia is as follows: One uses their core, be it their soul or mind, to enforce their will upon the essentia currently passing through their body. Through concentration, forcefulness and a strong desire, the sorcerer makes the essentia their own. Upon achieving that step, they then bend the essentia to their will and transform it into the spell they wish to execute. The sorcerer will then recite the incantation of the spell and eject their essentia in a single burst. Variations can exist, but for the mainstream sorcerer, this is the only way to make use of sorcery."

I hope this was helpful to you. And thanks for taking so much interest in essentia. ^_^

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 23:03, September 30, 2014 (UTC)

Lumae and Matrimony Edit

Yo! Thanks to me being curious about what Powerhouse had added to his user page, I just read up on Lumae and Matrimony. I wanted to drop by to let you know I find this all to be a very fascinating idea. Granted, it's like Pokémon, Digimon, and even Magi, thanks to the djinn (as in, series with partner characters,) but I like your spin on things. Especially given the marriage theme you're going with.

Best of luck with this manga of yours, uncle-senpai. Sounds like it'd be quite something to see. ^_^ And again, very cool idea with the Lumae and Matrimony. Divorce in particular sounds tragic. T_T

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 06:12, October 17, 2014 (UTC)

Fishmen and Coronans Edit

Firstly, of course! Since Coronans have been shown to be capable of mating with members of the Majin tribe, whom are mostly human themselves, I don't see why they can't get together and make babies with fishmen or merfolk.

As for their abilities, this was a harder question to answer. I looked towards wotans like Big Pan for some kind of answer. And seeing as he's essentially a watered down giant and fishman put together, I assume the same would happen for a fishman and Coronan child. The way I see it...

  • Coronan Features: I believe the child would still possess the night-vision skills of the race, as well as their amazing heat tolerance. However, I feel they'd end up losing their natural instinctive skills for combat and Grimary use. Therefore, they'd end up like normal human children, who can be good or bad at combat, depending on many factors (natural talent, the child's upbringing, the child's determination, the child's demeanor and behavior, etc.)
  • Fishman Features: I wasn't sure what genes would be more dominant and which would end up as recessive, but I think I finally managed it. I suppose the fishman traits the offspring would receive would mostly include whatever species of fishman the child is born as. Like, if it's a shark fishman-Coronan, it's still have sharp, easily replaceable teeth, and powerful jaw muscles to use them properly. If some kind of whale fishman-Coronan, it could use echolocation to produce sonic blasts or something. And I believe they'd still be able to move at superhuman speeds underwater. The features I feel the hybrid would lose would be the gills and webbing.

I'm not entirely sure if the Coronan horns should recede as well or not, since I'm not sure if you want your character to have horns. If you want him to have horns, I'll allow fishman-Coronan hybrids to keep their horns at birth. If you don't care if you lose the horns, then I think to make things fair, the child would probably lose their horns like how they'd lose their gills and webbing.

Finally, yes, you may make a fishman-Coronan character. Sounds like it'd be a devil fish or something. lol

I look forward to seeing what you think up. Good luck. ^_^

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 15:31, November 26, 2014 (UTC)

You're very welcome, uncle-sensei. :)

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 15:42, November 26, 2014 (UTC)


What the title said, you know what to do and where to go. Could you reply to my wall when you see this? :P --Rukiryo (talk) 02:12, December 23, 2014 (UTC)

Not That Important but Still Edit

Hey Ototo! How are you?? Really sorry about being away while I was in chat. I've sorta, kinda... forgot I was about that window, so I've been doing other things instead. Hopefully, it shan't happen again. This isn't like me.

-N. Asar

MJ can Katsu use the Chuusei Kentou? The Master of Fire (The True power) 15:46, December 31, 2014 (UTC)

The Jollys and Gen Shu Edit

Yo senpai! Just came by to let you know I finally thought of where we could have Gen Shu meet the Jollys and probably do a collab with these guys. I'm thinking of having it happen sometime during the Mizu Saga in One Dream; preferably after the Hanuman Arc but before the Majin Arc. If they meet somewhere in the Grand Line or in the Calm Belt, that would be awesome. If not, then West Blue's the only other place left available, given the Jollys' pre-determined course.

Hope to work out the details with you sometime. ^_^ Looking forward to seeing where we go with this.

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 03:09, February 13, 2015 (UTC)


Can Masa D. Tora use Chuusei Kentou and Sevel Maga?

Ashi JujitsuEdit

Can Tora use the Ashi Jujitsu? Masa D. Tora (talk) 15:17, February 16, 2015 (UTC)

Bakemono KenpoEdit

Can Tora use the Bakemono Kenpo? Masa D. Tora (talk) 13:06, February 22, 2015 (UTC)


I has an idea and need to talk to you about it


Masterreaper (talk) 16:44, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

Help please Edit

I can't figure out how to make a table of contents. And while you're helping me, how do I block outside editors? New to the site. Just want to know how it works.

Straw Hat 9 (talk) 01:39, March 22, 2015 (UTC)

Happy birthday! {{SUBST:User:Fantasy Detective/SigReal}} 23:06, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

Chuusei KentouEdit

Can i add my new character to the Chuusei Kentou page? The Master of Fire (The True power) 20:15, May 24, 2015 (UTC)

Thx MJ. The Master of Fire (The True power) 20:43, May 24, 2015 (UTC)

I would like to know if I could use the hebi hebi no mi modl edens snake for my story :) ---- A


I understand completely and I sent her a message on the confusion that happened since there seemed to be a mix up. 

I'll change the name immediately, once I can think of one. 


Hiya! You can probably tell that this is a Tenryubito violence ple~


Ahem, anyway, now that we've put down the sharp objects, this is a request for permission to involve the assault of a Tenryubito in a story, specifically For The World (I know I'm linking it, but there's not much there yet, so temper expectations). I know that I need permission from 2 admins, but voila! I have testimony (I think) from Wyvern 0m3g4 right here! (Link isn't working, screw it, you know where to find him).

Anyway, first I'll put down my idea, C+Ped from where I posted it on Wyv's page. (I imagine this makes it easier to gauge his reaction)


I've been thinking, the restrictions placed on harming or killing Tenryubitos are there because:Edit

1) Assaulting one is extremely significant and worldwide news, and would likely have a large impact on the world, affecting canon

2) There are a limited amount of them and very few can die or be assulted without, again, becoming international news and affecting canon

Right? Right.

Naturally, being the weasel I am, I started thinking about ways around this. Which led me to a different way of screwing up how things are usually done, the idea of a Tenryubito that retains the typical attitude of disdain of others and self-image of him/herself as a god, but with the strength and viciousness to back it up, actively venturing out from Marejois to kill some commoners every so often. Basically, a hunter.

Where do those points connect? I honestly only came up with this part while I was writing this, but I can picture the idea that this Tenryubito has his own private island, where he hunts slaves and the odd stray adventurer for sport. Now, if something were to happen to him on this secluded island, something that left him alive and capable of leaving, but humuliated him, I can imagine that he would keep it all hush-hush and not let it reach the other Tennis Balls Tenryubitos or the public, then canon is unaffected, life goes on and I get to explore class issues, grey morality and maybe some other things.

That said, I can totally understand if this idea still requires 2 admins to agree on it, or even if it's poo-pooed completely. At this point, the top half of this post has lost its relevance anyway and I have a thing about deleting notes, so I'm still gonna post that.

In summary, I want to beat up a Tenryubito, the Tenryubito is big and angry and it probably won't break canon. Thank you for your time, like favourite subscribe, and vote for me.

(P.S. This scenario, if approved, still won't be in the story for a while, so if you say "wait until then", that's cool too.)

Marknuttseviltwin4611 (talk) 07:58, August 22, 2015 (UTC)


He responded on my page with this.


Well, the 2nd theory you suggested is the closest to being right. The reason the "ask two admins for permission" rule was set up was because Tenryubito were getting killed far too many times than we could count back in the day. Honestly, it was almost insane how many people would say "this character killed a World Noble." Eventually, 1NF3RNO, 13th madman, FoolishMortalFOOL / FoolishImmoralFOOL and other higher ranking users on the wiki noticed that if so many Tenryubito were to be killed off in a canon setting, and since there's only so many of them to go around (as they're all descended from only 20 families,) that this would eventually cause them to go extinct and thus severely screw up the canon setting of One Piece (after all, if there were no Tenryubito at Sabaody Archipelago when the 11 Supernovas appeared, then there wouldn't have been much of a story arc otherwise, right?)

So pretty much, to ensure we don't lose our precious supply of scumbag rich people, the rule we now have today was set up to limit what happens to them, and hopefully keep too many from senselessly dying off. As for your own personal idea for a Tenryubto, I'd firstly like to applaud you for coming up with something like that. It sounds more thoughtful than the typical "evil Tenryubito buys slaves and is a coward" you'd see on this wiki (including the one I made up, known as Saint Albert, who pretty much fits that mold.) Very nicely done. ^_^ Now secondly, yes, you're going to need at least two admins to agree to this Tenryubito being created and then coming under attack. If you get the permission necessary, then everything else is under your jurisdiction (so long as again, it doesn't break canon. Anything that involves worldwide news may need to be taken with a grain of salt, though I could also argue that it may come down to personal opinion and taste. It's very hard for me to say where the line should be drawn right now.)

So pretty much, yeah, the rule is to keep us from committing wiki-scale genocide on World Nobles, and no matter what you have planned, you'll always need permission from two admins. With that out of the way, you're allowed to have fun with this.

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 08:49, August 22, 2015 (UTC)


So the best I can tell, he approves. (I don't know, I'm not good with reading large walls of text). I figured you would be the next most likely admin to see this, soooooo here we are. Yup. Kthnxbai.

Marknuttseviltwin4611 (talk) 11:42, August 22, 2015 (UTC)

I'm not one to intrude on other people's personal discussions, but I felt I should clarify things sooner rather than later, so nothing gets taken out of context. I did not give permission to do anything to a Tenryubito. I merely explained things and guided Mark as best as I could. If you do give him permission, you'll be the first one to do so.

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 12:04, August 22, 2015 (UTC)

That being said Wyv, I read through your response also. Mark did indeed ask you for permission and explain things thoroughly enough to get his point. While it is a great thing you explained the clarity of the rules to him and tried to guide him, it wasn't entirely necessary as he already seemed to be aware of the rule in place (hence his permission request). Reading what you said. I made the exact same mistake of assuming you said yes from one key sentence. "With that out of the way, you're allowed to have fun with this." -Wyvern 0m3g4 dictated but not read. xD

With this I'd say you need to be a little more clear next time Wyvern. As to avoid miscommunication that is. After all he was initially asking permission, but you (You damn chatterbox!! XD) diverted the subject skillfully, but not masterful enough to still confusion.

Mark, if you would like to appear on chat some time while I am on. I'd like to ask you some questions on the matter. Being the admin to instigate the 2 admin permission rule. I like to be extremely thorough on what myself and the other admins are permitting.

Also Mark, I think it would be best if you had sent the message to all of the admins. As not only would it save time, but most of us admins are much more active than you realise. Extremely so. Despite it not appearing, I am present on the wikia every day. If a message is on my page it is answered immediately if not the following day.

tl;dr version:

MJ- Hi!

Wyvern - Be more clear on your response. Your long winded (though enjoyable to me xD) rants can be misleading at times.

Mark - Ask all admins. Not one at a time. We're all more active than people assume. It'd save you time and supsense.

Ferno - You're awesome :D

Skyline Flag1NF3RNO   talk  Skyline Jolly Roger 14:52, August 24, 2015 (UTC)

I intruded on the matter but it interested me. Hope I was able to shed some light on the matter.

Kyousha Kyousha no Mi Time Edit

Yo MJ! Wyv here. Not sure when I'll be hearing from you, but I just had to come by and ask you something. Would it be alright if I had permission to have an upcoming character of mine rely on the Kyousha Kyousha no Mi? What I mean by this is, I was thinking of giving him my Tsuya Tsuya no Mi, but I was having trouble working around how to get enough light in order to make it useful for this exact guy. Then I figured "what if he had bioluminescence?" As in, what if he had the bioluminescence of a firefly? That way he could generate his own light, intensify and/or redirect it with his Devil Fruit, and become a psuedo-Kizaru of sorts.

What do you think? Is it possible? May I go through with this?

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 00:03, October 22, 2015 (UTC)

XD Thank you very much, MJ! I appreciate it. :D

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 19:22, October 22, 2015 (UTC)

Zeppin IdeaEdit


Masterreaper (talk) 22:44, December 27, 2015 (UTC)

hey mj this is inushima can i have the Seiha Seiha no Mi if your not using it.Inushima (talk) 23:09, January 11, 2016 (UTC)

Please help I need helpEdit

So recently, I created a wiki for my favorite book series to make a wiki kind of like Ship of Fools. What I didn't realize was how damn hard it is. I literally have no idea what I'm doing and its making me suffer. If you could help me, I'd be in your debt forever. I know that you have experience with this stuff and there's just a couple of things I can't work out. From yours truly, Lewush (talk) 13:12, March 31, 2016 (UTC)

Anotha oneEdit

MEMES. i have another zeppin idea -_-

Masterreaper (talk) 03:19, April 18, 2016 (UTC)


Terrifying Extraterestrial Multiple Personel Layer (of) Armor Reinforcement. Its a battle suit, think Incursio from Akame Ga Kill and youve pretty much got it. I was thinking of a T.E.M.P.L.A.R. K.N.I.G.H.T.  which would be an upgraded version but im not sure what it would entail yet. but yeah just a battle suit cross like Halo armor with the normal look of a Knights Armor and BAM super tanky armor thing that regenerates itself and does other cool stuffs....and your uhhh it does your taxes

Masterreaper (talk) 13:50, April 18, 2016 (UTC)

Getting FreakyEdit

I have nothing op in mind, just self regenerating armor essentially, as far as the Halo thing im thinking of giving it a certain spiders almost future sight reflexes so it moves as you move instead of you pushing it from the inside, know what i mean? other than that MAYBE the Upgraded having like thermal vision or something but nothing that hasnt been done many times over here.

Masterreaper (talk) 02:15, April 19, 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for a great adventure! hope to do it again soon.

P.s mind if i put you under alies?Theleagueofallegnce (talk) 23:22, May 4, 2016 (UTC)

Hey MJ can I use the Thunder God's Decree Inushima (talk) 18:10, June 13, 2016 (UTC)

thanks alot Inushima (talk) 22:16, June 13, 2016 (UTC)

Wanna Make a Beautiful World? Edit

The title has meaning, I swear! So, I've come by because a groundbreaking thought occured to me today while working on my new characters, and I'd like to see your reaction to this, given you've expanded our wiki's fanon world more than anyone else. So I figured it was only fitting to get your feedback on what I have in mind. +_+

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 23:27, July 4, 2016 (UTC)

Shichibukai Elections Edit

Yo uncle-senpai, this is Wyv! Just dropping by, because as the title suggests, this has to do with the recent Shichibukai elections I was hosting; and furthermore, I come baring good news for you as well. YOU'VE WON A SPOT AS ONE OF THE WIKI'S 4TH GENERATION OF SHICHIBUKAI!!! :D So! You know how this goes! You're free to pick a past or present member of the Shichibukai as your own wiki persona. The ones taken are Doflamingo (by Rukiryo,) Buggy (by Noodle,) Crocodile (by 13th) and Moriah (by Powerhouse.) Everyone else is still up for grabs right now. Hope to hear who you pick so I can organize the final results of the elections.

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 12:28, August 6, 2016 (UTC)


Just a question.. who exactly came up with the name "Zetwal" and when? Was it Miu, or somebody else? Kinda need to know for the sake of clarrifying a few things. 13th madman (talk) 21:48, April 14, 2017 (UTC) 

MJ Caring left a comment here and I removed it because I found it provocative towards you and I won't stand for that. If you want you can see it in the history or restore it, since I am technically intruding on your talk page now. Please let me know if this counts as stepping out of line.


That Guy that Says Things (talk) 08:07, May 10, 2017 (UTC)

Group name Edit

Hello MJ.

Im trying to make up name for group of super-powered people in Portugal. I decided to call them "Six Stops" or "Six Stoppers". But with the google translator, i know its not going to be good translation. If i remember right, you know portuguese. Can you help me with the translation?

Close thing i can get is "Seis Parar" (if its possible, keep the "Seis" as it its. Its bit of language humor.)

Carabe197 (talk) 13:53, June 11, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you Edit

Thanks MJ.

If you were wondering abou the name joke, here it goes: "Seis" in finnish means "stop", like "Stop right there" is "Seis siihen paikkaan". So it can be read as "Stop Stops".

Carabe197 (talk) 09:34, June 13, 2017 (UTC)


You alright mate?

13th madman (talk) 11:43, June 22, 2017 (UTC)

Discord Edit

Hey, do me a favor and add me on Discord. My name's the exact same here. We need to talk.


That Guy that Says Things (talk) 17:52, October 6, 2017 (UTC)

Halloween names Edit

Hello MJ.

I'm trying to come up with a name for "halloween blog comic". So I ask if these translations from google are correct (very likely they are not): "bruxa no noite" and "bruxa no sono" for "witch in the night" and "witch in sleep".

Happy Halloween.Carabe197 (talk) 14:09, October 22, 2017 (UTC)

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