Its a riotScratchmen apoo ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♦۞♦▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔​Fuf Fuf, This one is going to be a riot! Well Duh, it is owned by Kage, so of course naturally it would be a riot! So now do you really dare to take a peek?

"Yo check it out! Scratchmen says Waffle is going to rock out. So turn dah funk up and tremble before the craziest user ever. Or I will play a deathly funk for yah and show yah to your graves"

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Waffle mug
Japanese Name: ワッフル
Romanized Name: Waffuru
English Name: Waffle
First Appearance: Underground Arc
Affiliations: Underground (Former)
Occupations: Broker
Epithet: "Butt-Face" Waffle (穴対向ワッフル, Ketsufesu no Waffuru?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 34 (debut)
36 (after timeskip)
Birthday: April 13th
Height: 4 Ft. 5 In.
strong points:
"Butt-Face" Waffle (穴対向ワッフル, Ketsufesu no Waffuru) is an infamous explosives expert, a former Capo agent of the Underground organization and is partnered with Lasagne. Because of their actions they can be considered minor antagonists of the Underground arc and after their betrayal of the Underground organization. Waffle and Lasagne appeared in their mini arc, during the Lasagne and Waffle's Great Criminal Organization Operation Mini Arc, they had formed their own organization as the two as now assassins for hire. Also the duo had made an appearance, during Hurro’s and Spade fight, interrupting it and thus making them secondary antagonist of that battle as well. Currently the two have been hired to become the personal bodyguards of a wealth nobleman in the new world.


Waffle is a short, stocky, visibly hunched and yet quite well-built man with blond hair, which is kept slicked back, with a widow's peak and prominent sideburns. Oddly enough, his skin color is pale violet. He possesses a massive head, round black eyes, a flat nose and a distinctive black goatee on his massively bulbous chin (which often is mistaken for a butt), which splits into two points. He seems to always carry a wide smirk on his face, showing his clenched teeth. Waffle's torso and head are quite large in comparison to his thinner arms and legs. Draped over Waffle's hunched back is a white cloth acting as a cape, with two large, red motifs reminiscent of stylized suns adorning its sides. Waffle's chest is wrapped in bandages, under which he seems to wear a dark shirt with sleeves reaching down below his elbows, where they end in large, bolted armbands. His outfit is completed by a pair of dark olive pants, held up by a light, bolted belt, and simple shoes.