Wild Crossfire

Japanese Name: ワイルド・クロスファイア
Romanized Name: Wairudo Kurosufaia
English Name: Wild Crossfire
Literal Meaning: Wild Crossfire
User(s): Christina
Fighting Style Focus: Rifle
First Appearance: Fanon

Wild Crossfire (ワイルド・クロスファイア Wairudo Kurosufaia?, literally meaning "Wild Crossfire") is a style of fighting utilized by the sniper of the Wild Pirates, Christina.

It revolves around the usage of her sniper, Roadrunner, in order to knock down her opponents quickly and effectively. After joining the crew, Christina has asked Sara to create small bullets with different compositions and powers (e.g: she can release a gust of wind by shooting a Gale Bullet).


Wild Crossfire AttacksEdit


Long Shot.

  • Long Shot (遠的(ロング)ショット Rongu Shotto?, literally meaning "Distant Target Shot"): Christina's first ever revealed named technique, that, simply put, allows her to shoot and knock down targets from miles away. This accounts for a very effective method of offense and combat, providing both a ranged attack and a strong hit. This technique was first seen being used against intruders in her homeland, although a similar attack was seen being utilized against Mest, but the latter evaded it.
  • South Shot (墜落(サウス)ショット Sausu Shotto?, literally meaning "Crashing Shot"):
  • Wide Shot (分光(ワイド)ショット Waido Shotto?, literally meaning "Spectrum Shot"):

Flash Shot.

  • Flash Shot (眩しい(フラッシュ)ショット Furasshu Shotto?, literally meaning "Blinding Shot"):
  • West Shot ((ウエスト)ショット Uesuto Shotto?):

Cyclone Shot.

  • Cyclone Shot (颶風(サイクロン)ショット Saikuron Shotto?, literally meaning "Hurricane Shot"):
  • Sniper Shot (默(スナイパー)ショット Sunaipā Shotto?, literally meaning "Silent Shot"):

North Shot.

  • North Shot (天翔(ノース)ショット Nōsu Shotto?, literally meaning "Heavenward Shot"):
  • East Shot ((イースト)ショット Īsuto Shotto?):