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Yagyu Rendan


Age: 6 (The Bloodstained Throne)

22 (Pre-Time skip)

24 (Post-Time skip)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: March 27th
Height: 169 cm
Island of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Pirate; Marine (former); Dancer
Epithet: Reckless Yagyu

The RedClaw Pirates


Oda Rendan (father)

Current Bounty: Bsymbol25,000,000

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Yagyu Rendan is a pirate from the RedClaw Pirates, former Rear Admiral part of the RedClaw's Blazing Six, serving under Vladimir RedClaw, and daughter of the first mate of the original RedClaw Pirates, Oda Rendan. She joined the crew, along with her dog companion Raziel, having in mind finding her father, who was disappeared and being searched by the pirate crew.

She is the eater of the Rokuon Rokuon no Mi, which allows her to record in her mind and repeat other's actions perfectly, being also able to store the images into dials.


Yagyu is an average height woman of slim build. She has short light pink hair and blue eyes, as well as a big nose, which is oftenly mocked. When she's using her Devil Fruit, her eyes change from blue to pale gray color.

She wears a dark brassiere connected to a pink necklace tight over her neck. On her lower body, she wears a long chess skirt of the colors pink and black, cut by yellow lines, split at her left thigh, as well as long brown small-heeled boots that goes up to her knees.


Yagyu is reclusive and rarely opens herself with anyone. Even with her crew she doesn't speak much. Her sense of justice appears to be very strong, result of her work as a Marine, even though she joined a pirate crew and considers most other pirates to be "evil".




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Abilities and PowersEdit

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

She was taught to fight by the Marines in the base she was raised in, but as the time passed and she learned how to use her Devil Fruit's power, she created a style mixing what she knew with techniques from other styles that she wouldn't be able to learn on her own, and instead recorded it into her brain.


While she prefers to fight bare-handed and doesn't carry any specific weapons, due to the nature of her Devil Fruit and the usage she makes of it, Yagyu does use weapons sometimes, such as Macabre RedClaw's tonfas and Karen RedClaw's swords.

Devil FruitEdit

She is the eater of the Rokuon Rokuon no Mi, which allows her to record images in her mind to then repeat them perfectly, or store the images into a dial.

She uses it in battle, to use techniques she has only seen, and to report information for her group.

Bounty HistoryEdit

Coming soon.


  • Her first name was inspired by the famous samurai Yagyu Jubei, most known in popular culture by his eyepatch over the right eye.
  • Yagyu suffered a total redesign before turning like she is. Initially, she was going to be male, younger brother of Oda Rendan, instead of daughter, but the author decided to change the character entirely for her to fit a role in the Marines of Vladimir RedClaw for a more interesting backstory
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