Yari Yari no Mi

A paramecia class devil fruit, translation "spear-spear fruit". Allows user to change body parts or body into a spear.

Appearance Edit

Purple cocoa pod covered in swirls that resemble the number "6".

Strengths Edit

Allows user to transform their fingers, arms, legs, appendages, or entire body into a spear (size of spear is based on the body part used). User is also able to launch the spears they create with their appendages. Strength and distance the spear is thrown is based on users strength/skills and mastery over the fruit. User can transform their whole body into a single spear, which is stronger and more durable than normal wooden spears. User could be used as a handheld weapon in this form.

Weaknesses Edit

After the spear is thrown, user is left without the appendage which they transformed into the spear. They must retrieve the spear and reattach it to change it back into their arm/leg/appendage. If spear is broken, the user would not be damaged after their appendage returns to normal, but will have to assemble every piece and shard of the spear for appendage to reform. If whole body spear is broken or damaged, user may suffer random bone fractures upon returning to normal. Aside from those weaknesses, standard devil fruit weaknesses in water. Not the must practical devil fruit power due to the fact that you must retrieve the spear to regain your appendage if you were to launch it.

Yari Yari Spear 2

Full body spear form, blade is black when imbued with haki

Techniques Edit

Yari Yari no Ude (Spear-spear arm) - User turns their forearm and hand into a large spear. Used to enhance hand-to-hand combat capabilities with sharp pointed tip instead of a hand. Used almost like a sword.

Yari Yari no Kushi (Spear-spear skewer) - User turns their legs into spears while the enemy is below them, and repeatedly kicks and jumps to stab multiple times.

Yari Yari Launcher (Spear-spear launcher) - User shoots arm or leg spears at opponent with high velocities. Spears must be retrieved in order to revert spears back to limbs.

Yari Yari Arrow (Spear-spear arrows) - Finger tips and toes can turn into smaller spears and be shot our like arrows. Once launch, they need to be retrieved.

Yari Yari no Shigai (Spear-spear body) - User turns their entire body into a normal sized spear. Stronger, lighter, more balanced, and more durable than normal spears. User needs a comrade or companion to wield them in battle, since the body spear cannot magically fight or launch itself. Useful for hiding or when being held captive, user can transform into a spear to escape ropes, chains, etc. (except seastone since devil fruit powers are blocked)

Trivia Edit

- Blade of spear turns from steel silver to black steel colour when imbued with haki

- The word appendages was used often instead of just arms/legs/fingers because you can also make a falic spear with this power