Yumiya Yumiya no Mi

Japanese Name: Yumiya Yumiya

(japanese kanji)

English Name: Archery Archery
Meaning: Bow and Arrow
Type: Paramecia
Power: Gives the user the power to make Bows and Arrows.
Eaten By: Robert Locksley
Story / Creator: Battle125


The Yumiya Yumiya no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that was eating by Robert Locksley. The Yumiya Yumiya no Mi is said to only be found by the greatest Archer in the world at the time.



The Yumiya Yumiya no Mi gives the user the power to make Bow and Arrows out of any type of materials or elements the user puts there hands on.


The Yumiya Yumiya no Mi's strengths are many as it can make a Bow and/or Arrow out of almost anything like turning a rifle in to a bow or a hand gun into an arrow. The Fruit can also make bows and arrows out of things like wood, earth, or even things like fire, water and wind. With each type of bow and arrow having there own different powers, the user can even mix and match different Arrow to there Bows like a wind arrow to a fire bow.


The Yumiya Yumiya no Mi also has many weaknesses for it's many strengths. Like the fact the Arrow that is being used can't be heavier then the Bow being used. (Ex. An Earth arrow can be used with a wind or fire bow.) The user also can't mix elements like fire and water. The Bows and Arrows that are made with the fruit's power will only last for 5 seconds after they leave the user's hands, so if the user fires an arrow and it don't hit in that time the arrow will disappear or turn back into what it was to begin with. There has to be enuff of the material or element to make a bow or arrow. (Ex. a rifle can become a bow, but a hand gun can't for it's to small.) The three biggest weaknesses are the facts that the user can only make a Bow or arrow with there hands and that only the user's hands are safe form an element the user many use. But the biggest weakness is the fact that the user can only make one Bow and Ten Arrows form any one element in a 24 hour time frame, this does not include Bow or arrows made form materials. The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



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